Essay Causes Environmental Degradation

Air Pollution has emerged as growing global issue among environmentalists and researchers especially in developed countries since the decade of 1960 (Kan, 2009).It affects human and animal lives, natural ecosystems and the man-made environment.Many of the chemical substances are toxic or even carcinogenic.

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Indoor air pollution is more dangerous as compared to outdoor air pollution.

He further said that other factors, such as poor environmental ruling, less efficient technology of production, jammed roads, and age and poor maintenance of automobiles also increase pollution level.

It is established that air pollution is caused of ill health and death by natural and man-made sources.

Air pollution is also responsible for climate change due to the enhanced greenhouse effect, acid rain, and the depletion of the ozone layer that constitute important global environmental problems.

Mishra stated that fast growth in urban population, increasing industrialization, and rising demands for energy and motor vehicles are the deteriorating air pollution levels (2003).


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