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Another main reason why so many Canadians are leaving to live in the U. The ratio is 1:4, for every Canadian going to the U. In the end not all the people moving to the states stay there, there is a small percentage of them moving back. There are more than one hundred thousand skilled Canadians moving out of Canada each year.

Maybe because in the states they aren’t getting all the benefits Canadians are getting. This includes graduates and people who are being offered better paying job.

Japan, just like the United States is going to have to attempt to retain some of this group in the workforce to compensate for the continually falling birthrate in their country. Since 1995 Germany, France and Italy have experienced a continual fall in working population ages 15-64.

This trend is projected to continue into the year 2000.

The baby boomers are nearing retirement age in the United States and the birth rate is dropping.

These circumstances, coupled with the booming economy are the main causes of the labor shortage.

Organs that are failing in the human body can be replaced or rebuilt.

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Brain Drain The topic I have chosen is the “Brain Drain”. This is a real issue facing Canadians; they are losing many of their highly educated students each year.

The United States is also losing some of their students to Canada.


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