Essay About The Negative Effects Of Violence As Shown In The Media

In other words, Media Psychology focuses on the relationship between human behavior and the media.

It studies the interaction between individuals, groups, and technology, and tries to make sense out of this synergy.

And since technology is here to stay, older people worry about its use by younger people, and everyone worries if all of media and technology is good or bad, or (most likely) somewhere in-between. Pamela Rutledge, Ph D, MBA, Director of the Media Psychology Research Center and a professor of media psychology at Fielding Graduate University asks, It’s also important to consider how the expansion of new technologies influences different markets.

It’s not surprising that tech-savvy markets, such as Seattle, San Jose, and San Francisco top the list for many new technologies.

Psychologists have varying viewpoints, but all agree that gaming is absolutely having an impact on children, teenagers, young adults, and even people well into their 70’s.

As far back as 1940, video gaming was challenging players with games like chess, tennis, and blackjack, and even US military wargaming.

In fact, over the past ten years, advertising by professionals has jumped nearly 63-percent, and continues to gain acceptance among psychologists, doctors, dentists and other professionals who use social media as a means to advertise, gain referrals and feedback. They may tweet, or make use of an app for scheduling appointments.

And, as nearly 95-percent of clients look online first (trumping referrals by family or close friends) for a psychologist, having a presence can energize, or reenergize a private practice. Keeping a professional practice and personal life separate is imperative.”One area that is getting a lot of attention, both positive and negative, is video gaming.

Those who stand to make the most money in the industry, i.e., game developers and game console manufacturers, for instance, will argue that if violent video games cause aggression, violent crime rates in the U. Exposure to violent games is also increasing, as are violent video games.

Another question that has been raised – are our youth becoming more and more desensitized to violence through gaming?


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