Essay About My Grandfather

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In high school, Papa played football and was named All-State twice and All-American his junior and senior years.

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I want them to be good role models, the kind of role model Papa was for me, and the kind of role model I try to be for them. After having it tucked away in my closet, long neglected, my wife pulled it out and hung it on our bedroom wall above my dresser, as a reminder of the standards I set for myself so long ago, and of those same standards we have set for our boys.

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[What happens when my child with Down syndrome isn’t cute anymore?

] He had sort of a grandfather uniform — a cardigan over a knit shirt, slacks, black boots and, when going out, a ball cap that he wore tilted slightly to the side.

My sister and I sat in his room — which was eventually outfitted with a hospital bed — and kept him company, sometimes fixing him meals.

Over time, his hospital stays became much longer, and his stays at home were increasingly brief.

On the D-day we were so excited that we kids could not control it. First we kids were allowed to climb for a small height. Stepping on the foot of a mountain to climb it is really exciting.

With lots of instructions and warnings we stared our journey and the much awaited journey came to an end. We tried hard, but could not make it to a good height that we could.

Here is your short paragraph on my adventurous journey: Travelling has always excited me and when it gets more adventurous it is more interesting. So whenever they get time, we set out for our great journeys that are filled with lots of adventures, fun and excitement. My father told me that I would not be allowed great heights and no fuss at the location and so I had no choice, other than listen to him.

I have only seen in movies and read in books how difficult it is and how one does trekking.


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