Essay About Health Care Access

Yes, everyone knows that health care costs are going through the roof, but do we really understand why? The reduced supply creates shortages and price increases.

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As we tinker with the health of an entire nation, should we be any less diligent in our diagnosis? Everyone has heard of “supply and demand”, but few people have applied this basic concept to medical care.

The idea of increasing the number of doctors, nurses, etc.

is a sensitive issue with medical professionals who don’t want to see the standards of their profession compromised—or to see their profession flooded with additional competition. physicians reinforces what local doctors tell me: they are working very long hours, they are seeing more patients than ever before, and they still cannot keep up with demand. Davis Medical School, with 93 positions, has over 5,000 applicants each year.

The debate over health care in America is now front-page news almost every day.

Everyone seems to agree that there is something wrong with the system and that something should be done—but what should we do?


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