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But for the large majority of us, this means equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

Becausethere where so many business men from Persian backgrounds orfamily not all of them could have been honest so there were afew crocks and cheaters in commerce from Persian backgroundand over the years the Persians were characterized as crocksand thieves by all of society in Ecuador.

Another reson ofwhy Persian descendent last names are not good names isbecause there have been a lot of corrupt Persian politiciansalong Ecuador’s government history so besides their history inbeeign in the past crock they come and reinforce it with thebad egoistic governments we have obtained from Persian In Ecuador un fairness doesn’t just come from good orbad last names but also from race and regionalism.

But instedcorruption is so high and shameless that the money dosent evencome out representavives from the provinces have to go tocapital beging for the money they own them in order for poortowns and cities to survive in the corrupting economy we live Economic and social status are other big factors in fairtreatment in Ecuador.

By having a high economic and socialstatus what is implied? People withmoney or high positions in sociaty are treated differentlythan the people who don’t have money or a satand in sociaty.people with out any kind of influences are more likely to goto jail and have longer senteces where as people withinfluences get out trouble by paying some cash or pullingsome strings.

there are different ethnic groups in Ecuador,there is mestizo (mixed Amerindian and Spanish) 55%, Amerindian 25%, Spanish 10%, black 10% (-1-). The official language is Spanish but in Sommeplaces they also speak a mixture of Amerindian dialectsespecially Quechua( most likely spoken by Indians ) .

Ecuador is also very rich in tradition andit has been blessed with tons of natural resources and aclimate that allows us to grow and produce all year longalmost anything.The samething happens with amerindians they mostly live in thehighlands and also work underpaid because they are not welleducated, thus wen they go to the big cities for jobs even ifthey have been well educated often they will reject blaks oramerindians because they will often think they are not capableof doing a job or smart enough to do the job right.Regionalism is another kind of unfairness that happens alot in Ecuador.One of the most significant factors that affect equaltreatment is last names.Last names can be good or bad it justdepends WHAT your name is and what does it represent tosociety. To have a goodname means tons of thing, means you come from a family knownto every one because it’s been around in Ecuador at the leastfor the last 200 years and always have been known to behonest, all men and women were gentlemen or proper ladies,hard working, table manners, politeness, noble, and most ofall it says that you can be trusted.A lotof people rely on names for a lot of things, the differencebetween having a good name or a bad one can affect you fromthe most insignificant way to a way that could mean set backin some of your lives goals.On one hand a insignificantexample is when you are a teenager and you want to go out withsome one whose last name is unknown or worse a bad name thereis no possible way you are going to be bale to go out withthat person if you are under 15. You can’t go to some one’s party if that personhas a bad name or if its last name is unknown, your parentswould give two reson for it.A bad last name may have just the same weigh insociety as a good with the difference that a bad name onlyproduces negative effects on their daily lives.Bad last namesas well also carry a history attached to them.They aresupposedly known for the exact opposite of a good name, theyare very corrupt, dishonest, gritty, cheaters, no politeness,no manners, no table manners, and because of this it becomes aicon that automatically means bad.An example for being bornwith a bad name are the Persian emigrants that came incolonies around the 1800’s Persian are well known all over theworld for having a gut fell and skills for commerce.


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