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My mom was not able to provide me with the necessities of living, but this inspired me to create a better life for myself.My mom`s situation makes me want to work harder and never go down that route.The Dream Fund Bursary will enhance my learning to a great extent because I will be able to financially afford post-secondary education.

In everything I do, I feel the need to push beyond my capabilities, to reach above and beyond. From Planning 10, I have realized that education is the path to a good life. I knew immediately that I wanted to pursue post secondary Education.

Last year my passion for continuing education was further inspired by my experience in a concurrent studies course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Surrey Campus.

If you are a social worker you have the privilege to empower strong decision-making that can help enhance a child’s life.

I want to be a life advisor, a fearless women, and a life-saving person.

Before then, I lived in an abusive home and spent my grade 8 year living out of a car.

During this time, my mom would bring me to her friends houses to shower, and once left me at a classmate’s house for three weeks.This decision enables me to stay within a short distance from the school, and maintain proximity to family.I value both my time and family, and these considerations are central to my decision.As I consider where to pursue my post-secondary education I have shared many conversations with people I trust.With confidence, I have decided to work towards a career in social work.After discussing possible options with family, teachers, social workers, youth workers and counselors it became clear that social work aligns with both my values and skills.Intent on making this dream possible, I have already applied to the University of the Fraser Valley.I do not want to sound like social workers do not care, I understand that these are many issues within the system that prevent social workers from doing the job right.Because of my experiences, I hope to be the type of social worker that wants to be there; that takes the time to listen; that gets to know the children; and advocates for a system that will benefit everyone in the end.With humility and hopefulness, I apply for the Dream Fund Bursary. I am currently in grade 12 attending Frank Hurt Secondary, an inner-city school in the Newton neighbourhood of Surrey, BC. In grade 8, I transitioned into Frank Hurt Secondary, the nearest high school.I have an Honour Role standing, and maintain active involvement in my school and community. Over the last five years at Frank Hurt, I have not only enjoyed school, but learned to take it seriously as an opportunity to enrich my future.


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