English Research Paper Assignment

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It should be mentioned, that learning academic writing can be quite challenging for those students, who are not native speakers and still struggle with English grammar or vocabulary.

However, following the tips listed below can help you learn academic writing fast and easy.

The requirements for your paper will vary depending on whether you are in high school, college, or a postgraduate student.

In high school, you may be able to choose an easy topic and cite five or six sources you found on Google or Yahoo!

Some examples of common research paper styles include: Your research essay topic may also need to be related to the specific class you are taking.

For example, an economics class may require a business research paper, while a class on human behavior may call for a psychology research paper.

Your thesis statement is the core of your research paper or dissertation. It is wise to make up a good outline of your academic paper, include all necessary elements like the list of references, appendix, practical part, summary which are required by your research supervisor.

To put it simply, it claims certain statement which the rest of your academic paper will try to prove. The best way to learn academic writing is to read other academic papers.

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