Encountering Conflict Essays Vce

For example, the choices you made about language and form.

Many students find this really hard and decide to write a safe formal essay instead of trying to write a piece with a particular purpose and audience.

We would love our students to find their voice, and really enjoy their writing and exploration of ideas!

KG: Rooke was someone who loved language, and I wanted his pleasure in the nuances of English to permeate the narrative voice.

I often went looking at what I needed in the real world so I could see it properly in order to then find the right words for it, or got up from the desk to act out some movement or other, to feel it from the inside.

For the same reason I didn't use too much imagery, and when I did it was an image that sprang out of Rooke's way of seeing the world, so the imagery reveals him as much as the thing being described.

as a vehicle for exploring the notion of 'encountering conflict'. We often begin by inviting students to consider what 'encountering conflict' means to them.

It would be terrific to hear your thoughts on what 'encountering conflict' means to you.

Given that they are required to create a text of their own, which is to be influenced by your choices about language and form, could you help students understand some of the choices you made in relation to the language you used?

For example, your choices about narrative voice, imagery, sentence structure, symbolism, and so on.


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