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He is mentioned as one of the ornaments of Queen Elizabeths court, and was sent by her on missions to Holland and Denmark in the1580s. He was well esteemed as a poet by his contemporaries, but little of his poetry has survived. Born Kent, and educated at Oxford he was sent by Elizabeth I on diplomatic missions and was considered one of her favorites.He fell out of favor at one point but was subsequently appointed governor of Vlissingen in the Netherlands, taking part in an expedition aiding the Netherlands against Spain.

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Very dramatic poetry, some poems can be read as direct dramatisations of people’s intimate relationships. They were attracted by the achievements of philosophy and science. contemporary of Jonson and Dryden, criticised by them Studied university but didn’t get degree, loved theatre, women.

) had established English as a new language of literature and was a primary influence on poets of the Fifteenth Century.

As with other Elizabethans, his poetry was somewhat secondary to his other activities, but he was technically skilled and, like Wyatt, an enthusiast of the Italian sonnet (?

-1607)was born in Somersetshire and was educated at Oxford, but left before taking a degree.

Quick-tempered and quarrelsome, he made many enemies and was imprisoned several times for misconduct.

Arrested on false charges of treason, he was executed in 1547.

He persuaded the king to release him in exchange for a fortune in gold that he would find in the Orinoco.

He was unsuccessful and his son was killed when they attacked a Spanish settlement, violating an agreement with the king.

Sidney died of wounds received in a raid on a Spanish convoy.

His best known poetic works are some 108 sonnets about unrequited love ( was born in Kent and educated at Cambridge.


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