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Kirk PDF Attitudes and Perceptions of Concealed Carry on Campus: A Case Study of Students, Staff, and Faculty at Liberty University, Jeremiah Todd Koester PDF Character Identification and Mindset: An Experimental Design Using Disney's Finding Nemo, Ashlee Kirby Lakin PDF The Influence of Ethical Leadership and Ethical Culture on Faculty Engagement, Douglas J. Henry's Presuppositional Theology and its Implications within Educational Settings, Adam L.Lange PDF How Virtual Administrator Behaviors Impact Instruction: A Case Study, Tamra Lanning PDF A Study of the Renewal of Worship through the Restoration of the Public Nature of the Gospel: A Case Study of the Seed Church, Jubilee Together, and CRIS, Kang Hyeok Lee PDF Science Vocabulary Acquisition: A Nonequivalent Control-Group Examination of Vodcasts and Fifth Grade Students, Debra Bailey Lester PDF Mental Health Counseling: A Phenomenological Study of Afro-Caribbean Christian's Help-seeking Tendencies, Heather G. Lickey PDF Developing the Refined Sexual Shame Inventory: Validation Study of the Kyle Inventory of Sexual Shame, Jang Soon Lim PDF The Date of the Muratorian Fragment: An Inference to the Best Explanation, John F.

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Collaco PDF The Impact of Ancestral Language Maintenance on Cultural Identity Among White Immigrant Descendants: A Phenomenological Qualitative Study, Micaella Elizabeth Colla PDF The Impact of Depressive Symptoms on Cognitive Decline and Risk for Dementia, Katheryn Conde PDF Perceptions of Barriers to Leadership Appointment and Promotion of African American Female Commissioned Officers in the United States Military, Beverly Henderson Davis PDF The Influence of Multimedia Podcast-Aided Video-Analysis to Transfer Evidence-Based Practices and Alter Novice Special Education Teachers’ Schema Development, Jason Davis PDF Perceptions of African American College Students in San Francisco Bay Area Community Colleges on Their Developmental Training to Participate in Civic Engagement During High School, Melvin Davis PDF A Geospatial Analysis of a Transit Program on California Community College Students, Alicia Kathryn De Toro PDF An Attachment-Based Group Intervention, Shannon Dillon PDF Developing Intercultural Competence Through Online English Language Teaching, Didem Ekici PDF Mentoring and Academic Advising Experiences of Female Ph. Students with Children: A Qualitative Study, Alyssa Ferree PDF Athletic Identity and Mental Health: The Experiences of Black Male Former Student-Athletes, Miguel Frank PDF And At Once My Chains Were Loosed: How the Black Panther Party Freed Me from My Colonized Mind, Linda Garrett PDF Measuring Cogency in Argument in the Seventh-Grade English Classroom, Millie Gonzalez-Balsam PDF Teaching Academic Concepts in a Play-Based Preschool Environment: A Case Study of Guided Play across Three Classrooms, Lisa M.

Hansen PDF Profiles of Successful Military Leaders: A Transformative Inquiry into Leadership Styles, Brad James Hatton PDF A Pathway to Scholarship: A Qualitative Study of the Single African American Mother's Role in the Academic Development of their Sons for Kindergarten, Onda Johnson PDF Teaching Complex Content in Healthcare: A Comparison of the Effect of Three Types of Multimedia Pretraining on Schematic Knowledge and Near Transfer, Melisa Patrice Kaye PDF Using Multiliteracies to Engage and Empower Students with Complex Support Needs, Sudha Vaghul Krishnan PDF Experiences of Women STEM Professors Who Are Considering Leadership Positions at Research Universities, Cheri Liebow PDF Parental Coping in Filipino American Caregivers of Children with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities, Kathrynn Mabalot PDF Use of Multimedia Games for Biology Vocabulary Instruction, Marlene Ingrid Mahony PDF An Examination of Bullying in Catholic Middle Schools in the Pacific and Mountain States in the United States, Margaret Murphey PDF Use of Multimedia Games for Biology Vocabulary Instruction, Ian Murray PDF Compassion Fatigue Among Mental Healthcare Providers and The Impact on Overall Wellbeing, Ruchi Patel PDF A Program Evaluation of a Drug and Alcohol Family Treatment Program, Katrina Ramirez PDF Mission Enactment and Strategic Enrollment Management at Jesuit Universities, Drew Roberts PDF The Perceptions and Lived Experiences of African American Male Presidents in California Community Colleges, Tyree L.

Richard PDF Suicide Prevention through Spiritual Care: A Guide for United States Military Veterans, Reggie D.

Roberson PDF Effect of Cultural Differences on Budgetary Slack, Shawn L.

Nave PDF Worship Pastor's Need For Pastoral Leadership Development, Jerry Leonard Newman PDF A Transcendental Phenomenological Study that Examines African American Male Students' Perception of Factors that Contribute to Academic Success at a Four-Year College, Brian Kelley Nix PDF The Black Church and the Current Generation: A Program to Address the Decline of African-American Church Attendance in Johnston County of North Carolina, Robert Allen O'Neal Jr PDF Parental Perspectives on Twenty-First Century Learning Environments in Private Middle Schools: A Phenomenological Study, Matthew Oswald Ozolnieks PDF A Correlational Study of Preadmission and Early Program Predictors of Physician Assistant Certification Exam Scores, Jennifer Pack PDF Developing a Strategy to Vitalize Volunteering for Successful Community Service in Korean Churches: Focusing on the Korean Baptist Church of Blacksburg, Daijoong Park PDF A Correlational Study on the Relationship between Pupil Control Ideology, Color-blind Racial Attitudes, and Teacher Efficacy among Urban Teachers, Kyria Parker-Hart PDF The Achievement Gap: Predicting the Effects of Protective/Risk Factors on Student Grades, Kathleen Pechtold PDF Professional Learning Communities and Relational Trust: A Correlational Study, Theresa Ann Pedersen PDF A Phenomenological Study of Novice Teachers' First-Year Experiences in Curriculum Development in International Schools, Rachel Morgan Pedigo PDF Social Engineering: How U. Businesses Strengthen the Weakest Link against Cybersecurity Threats, Lily J.

Pharris PDF A Phenomenological Study of Advanced Age Individuals Pursuing a Doctoral Degree, Elaine G.

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The information system provides a wide range of information on the electronic publishing of dissertations and post-doctoral theses.

Sauskojus PDF How School Leaders Shape School Culture: A Qualitative Case Study, Jennifer L.

Jessica Mac Donald (Clinical Psychology-Child Track) Trauma and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Emerging Adulthood.


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