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o) "King, Queen, Court of 50 years ago will be Presented to Rex" by Pie Dufour, 2-5-64.

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f) "Dust" by Lorena Dureau, Dixie, October 29, 1978. t) "Unprecedented Pageantry...." u) "The 'dancingest' town" by Pie Dufour. i) "Hermes was most versatile of all Carnival-Olympian gods" by Pie Dufour, 2-7-64. m) "Carnival calorie consumption aids economy of New Orleans" by Pie Dufour, 2-4-64.

e) "Crowded Tombs Provide Quiet, Melancholy Mood," Times Picayune, February 27, 1972. g) "Night was Mother of Momus but who fathered God of Mockery? h) "Who remembers 'Good Old Days' when..." by Pie Dufour, February 3, 1964. April 29, 1974 Letter to Ottilie Lambert, March 27, 1974 Test on knowledge of Constitution and government (10 copies) Postcard of George Washington Letters to C.

Folder 1- Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Council Protestant Episcopal Church/Grace Memorial Church (21 items) 1. Guenard from unknown (only address shown)- Annual Report 1954-inside envelope- 67 annual meeting in the Diocese of Louisiana of the Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Council Protestant Episcopal Church held in the Church of the Ascension, LA; May 4 and 5, 1954 3. Budget for 1942-The Woman’s Auxiliary Diocese of Louisiana-September 26, 1941 13. Green from Master Artist’s Association-“Auxiliary Constitution” written on envelope-May 2, 1938 14. 28 prayer cards- The Woman’s Auxiliary and United Thank offering 17. u) "Where to go to Fais Do Do" by Gus Cranow v) Festivals Acadiens (pamphlet) w) "Acadians celebrating their 200th year in Louisiana" by Truman Stacey, September 5, 1985. g) "Neitzel Identifies Site of Grand Village of the Natchez," January 20, 1966. f) "Legends Keep Culture of Chitimacha Alive." g) "Indian Cultures." h) "UNO's Louisiana Indian Exhibit Focuses on the Tchefuncte" by Alberta Collier. John 'midden' added to the Historical Register," , July 27, 1969. h) "Senate Finance Committee takes on new look under Long of Louisiana" i) "Northerners beginning to see South's view, Sen. j) "The Son of the Kingfish" by Tom Wicker, , November 30, 1969. y) "Chep Morrison Monument Set For Dedication" —Perez, Leander a) "Plaquemines park recalls life of Perez" by Hal Ledet, Sunday Advocate, July 27, 1980.

Envelope reading- Diocesan Report-September 1949- inside envelope- Branch Annual Report of the Woman’s 9/1948, 9/1949 2. Annual Report of the Woman’s Auxiliary Section A Grace Memorial Church-January 1, 1946-January 1, 1947 15. Constitution and By-Laws of the Louisiana Branch of the Woman’s Auxiliary and the Junior Auxiliary to the General Board of Missions 18. x) "Acadiana history" by Truman Stacey, , September 19, 1982. h) "Here's Rare History for Collection" by Pie Dufour, , May 9, 1972. b) "What Earl Long and the Legislature did in six days for the people and state" c) "Skull Crushing bluebeard and Longism vs: Jonesism" d) "Report of the People" by Sam H. e) "The Night Before Christmas" Folder , 11/15/1969. Harry Williams Assesses Huey Long's Career" by Jim La Caffinie, n. bb) "Huey Long Mortally Wounded in State Capitol 30 Years Ago," , July 24, 1974. v) "Morrison Family Members at Ceremony" Times Picayune, January 19, 1971.

w) "Enduring Native Architecture Boosts New Orleans Fame," April 16, 1968. d) "A better way to run colleges" Sunday Advocate, June 9, 1991. September 25, 1991 Letter from Tom Matheny to Ellis Magee. September 19, 1991 Letter from Christopher Matchett to Tom Matheny. March 8, 1991 Folder 1- Baton Rouge Articles, Maps, and Brochures (48 items) New Orleans pop-out map (2004) Souvenir Condensed History of New Orleans.

c) "The Holy Name Connection" by Renee Peck, Times Picayune, August 24, 1986. September 10, 1991 Invitation to Ben Baggert fundraiser. Nolan from Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Council Protestant Episcopal Church; 1949; inside- 1. f) "A Louisiana Town Was Texas' Capital" by Gertie Espenan. b) "Once-lavish gardens of historic Versailles to receive face-lift" by Michela Wrong. Constitution and By-Laws of the Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Council Diocese of Louisiana 19. 2 sets of the 2 page, typed document-Constitution-adopted 1930; Parish branch 21. b) Invitation to the Annual Benefit for the Anglo-American Art Museum, October 2, 1992. r) "Edwards Makes Speech Rounds Without Letup" by Gerald Moses, n. s) "70th Governor Takes office Et Les Bons Temps Roulent" by Jim La Caffinie, n. z) "Huey Long Topic of Lecture by LSU Historian," n. w) "Chep Visionary, Says Governor: Morrison Memorial is Dedicated Here" by James H. d) "Haunted-- By Neglect" by Stella Pitts, Dixie, June 10, 1973. Morrison (2 copies), along with handwritten note, (2 pgs), “Nobody Knows the Boss Like His Secretary”, by Florence H. jj) "The Strength and Dignity of Henry Hobson Richardson," , February 22, 1976. c) "Living with Death for 62 Years" by Don Hughes, Dixie, March 27, 1977. Envelope addressed to the Rev Howard Giere- January 2, 1951-inside envelope- 1. 3 prayer cards-The Prayer for the United Thank offering 12. Duke Duplantis; inside- 6 page handwritten document explaining history of Woman’s Auxiliary and brief account of early religious services 16. q) "The Louisiana Acadian Flag" Louisiana Library Association: 44th Annual Conference, Book Dinner, n. Del Sesto and Jon Gibson, The University of Southwestern Louisiana, n. u) "Acadiana Prehistory Studied" by Mike Maher, , December 14, 1980. Historical Association installs New Officers for 1968," March 18, 1968. n) "Conflict rattles old Plantation" by Pat Remick, Sunday Advocate, November 14, 1982. h) "Louisiana Places-Strange sounding names" by Clare D. Young-thank you for report of Section “A” of Hammond Woman’s Auxiliary-October 29, 1948 4. Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Council Protestant Episcopal Church Diocese of Louisiana budget for 1951-1952; Grace Memorial Church 7. Eastman from Seaman’s Town House of New Orleans- October 28, 1949-inside- 8. Saxon from Macon-Grace Memorial Church-June 25, 1941-thanking Auxiliary A for beautiful photograph 9. Message (document) from the Department of Missions to the Woman’s Auxiliary 11. g) Secession, or Uncle Sam's Troublesome Daughters. h) "Fannye's recipes live on at parties `in good taste’" by Mary Champagne, , February 6, 1966. t) "The Culture of Acadiana: Tradition and Change in South Louisiana" by Steven l. d) "Perez oil suit revisits half-century of power," , October 26, 1987. m) "Plantation still prospers after unusual history," Sunday Advocate, October 31, 1982. p) "Ladies in Calico Plan Home Tour" , September 16, 1973. j) -Shreveport - Bossier, La.: A Great Pair with Southern Flair! k) -Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana: A Great Pair with Southern Flair! l) -Shreveport- Bossier, Louisiana: A Great Pair with Southern Flair! z) "July 4th Significant Date to Louisiana Prior to 1776" by Claire Puneky. y) "The Word Was a Colloquialism [batture]" by Hermann Deutsch. Pamphlets: j) Nottoway Plantation: The largest Plantation home in the south! April 27, 1986 Folder 5- Andrew Jackson (10 items) Bullock, Dannie. October 21, 1983 The Hermitage Home of Andrew Jackson brochure (2 copies) Tomb at the Hermitage postcard “Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage”. September 4, 1991 Elect Fred Dent donation slip Newspaper picture of Edwin Edwards speaking to constituents Letter from Paul M. 1992 Invitation to a Dinner in honor of Buddy Roemer. October 25, 1991 Letter from Rolling and Perrilloux Attorneys. b) "Requiem for Belle Grove: how a famous showplace became a famous ruin" by John Burke, , January 16, 1984. October 11, 1991 Buddy Roemer donation letter 2 handwritten memos Letter from Buddy Roemer Campaign. m) "An Expedition" by Mike Broussard (4-page paper) . e) Get on the Klan Van, Join the Klan Youth Corps (brochure).


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