Dissertation Marking Scheme

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In these cases, the mark must be translated onto the 0-100 point scale, mapped against the relevant marking criteria, and students informed of the use of this method in advance of the assessment in the appropriate medium (e.g. Marks gauged on the 0-20 scale should be translated to a point on the 0-100 scale before entry into the VLE to calculate the overall unit mark for the purposes of progression and classification (see table 2).

14.14 The 0-20 point scale is a non-linear ordinal scale; for example, a mark on the 0-20 point scale IS NOT equivalent to a percentage arrived at by multiplying the mark by 5.

14.7 The common marking criteria are designed to be used for an individual piece of assessed student work.

The descriptors give broad comparability of standards by level of study across all programmes as well as level of performance across the University.


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