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Schocket __ • Keisha Hicks (2014) “Sumptuous Soul: The Music of Donny Hathaway Everything is Everything Donny Hathaway, 1970” Advisor: Angela Nelson Current Position: Academic Advisor, Mc Nair Scholars Program, University of California-Berkeley • Adriane Thompson-Bradshaw (2014) “The Impact of Race on Perceptions of Authenticity in the Delivery and Reception of African American Gospel Music” Advisor: Radhika Gajjala Current Position: Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students, Ohio Northern University • Melinda Lewis (2014) "That's What She Said": Politics, Transgression, and Women's Humor in Contemporary American Television" Advisor: Ellen Berry Current Position: Assoc Dir, Marketing & Media; Center for Cultural Outreach, Drexel University; Managing Editor, The Smart Set • William Emerson (2014) “Mechanics and The Essence of Technology” Advisor: Ellen Berry Current Position: Director, Student Success Initiatives, Michigan Association of State Universities • Katherine Barak (2014) “Spinsters, Old Maids, and Cat Ladies: A Case Study in Containment Strategies” Advisor: Ellen Berry __ • Abigail Van Vlerah (2013) Dissertation: “Women's Participation in Endurance Motorcycle Challenges” Advisor: Vikki Krane Current Position: Dean of Students, Long Island University • Justine Lutzel (2013) “Madness as a Way of Life: Space, Politics, and the Uncanny in Fiction and Social Movements” Advisor: Ellen Berry __ • Arundhati Ghosh (2013) “From Holmes to Sherlock: Confession, Surveillance, and the Detective” Advisor: Ellen Berry __ • Adrian Bautista (2013) “Vatos Sagrados: Exploring Northern Ohio's Religious Borderlands” Advisor: Susana Peña Current Position: Associate Dean of Campus Life, Oberlin College • Sudipto Sanyal (2013) “An Uncertain Poetics of the Intoxicated Narrative: Drugs, Detection, Denouement” Advisor: Ellen Berry __ • Christian Remse (2013) “Vodou and the U. Imagining a Different Self-Understanding of Modernity” Advisors: Donald Mc Quarie/Rekha Mirchandani Current Position: Assistant Professor, History and Interdisciplinary Studies, Norfolk State University • Kristy Ganoe (2013) “Mindful Movement as a Cure for Colonialism” Advisor: Vikki Krane Current Position: Faculty, Raclin School of the Arts, Indiana University South Bend • Eric Weeks (2012) “Memory and Meaning: Constructed Commemoration in a Nation's Capital City” Advisor: Rebecca Mancuso Current Position: Faculty, Canadian Studies, Bridgewater State University • Bryan Mc Geary (2012) “Houses, Hot Dogs, and 'Hoods: Place Branding and the Reconstruction of Identity in Rick Sebak's Pittsburgh Documentaries” Advisor: Ellen Berry Current Position: Subject Librarian for the Humanities, Ohio Univeristy Libraries • Kelly Mac Donald-Weeks (2012) “Parrotheads, Cheeseburgers, and Paradise: Adult Music Fandom and Fan Practices” Advisor: Rhadika Gajjala Current Position: Visiting Lecturer, Sociology, Bridgewater State University • Taghreed Abu Sarhran (2011) “Voicing the Voiceless: Feminism and Contemporary Arab Muslim Women's Autobiographies” Advisor: Ellen Berry Current Position: Working in Domestic Violence crimes at the Police Department in Jordan • Charlotte Louise Quinney (2011) “(DIS)ARTICULATING THE FRONTIER BODY: ARTIFACTS, APPENDAGES, AND SPECTRES IN THE DISCOURSE OF THE AMERICAN WEST” Advisor: Ellen Berry __ • Martin Otto Zimmann (2011) ”A Place Apart: The Role of Nostalgia in a Detached Community” Advisor: Scott Martin Current Position: Major Gift Officer, Alumni/ae Relations, Adjunct Professor, United Lutheran Seminary • Rachel Dean-Ruzicka (2011) “Cosmopolitan Ethics and the Limits of Tolerance: Representing the Holocaust in Young Adult Literature” Advisor: Beth Griech-Polelle Current Position: Lecturer, School of Literature, Media, and Communication, Georgia Tech • Phillip Cunningham (2011) “”Well, It Is Because He’s Black”: A Critical Analysis of the Black President in Film and Television” Advisor: Angela Nelson Current Position: Assistant Professor, Media Studies, Quinnipiac University • Chadwick Roberts (2011) “Consuming Liberation: Playgirl and the Strategic Rhetoric of Sex Magazines for Women 1972-1985” Advisor: Leigh Ann Wheeler __ • Joanne Joys (2011) “The Wild Things” Advisor: Montana Miller __ • Stefan Hall (2011) “You’ve Seen the Movie, Now Play the Game”: Recoding the Cinematic in Digital Media and Virtual Culture Advisor: Ronald Shields __ • Andrew Famiglietti (2011) “Hackers, Cyborgs, and Wikipedians: The Political Economy and Cultural History of Wikipedia” Advisor: Victoria Eckstrand __ • Kelly Watson (2010) “I Laid my Hands on a Gorgeous Cannibal Woman”: Anthropophagy in the Imperial Imagination, 1492 – 1763 Advisor: Andrew Schocket Current Position: Assistant Professor, History, Avila University • Lloyd Vayo (2010) “Silencio: The Spectral Voice and 9/11” Advisor: Ellen Berry __ • Rosalind Sibielski (2010) “What Are Little (Empowered) Girls Made Of? • Neil Shepard (2010) “Rewiring Difference and Disability: Narratives of Asperger's Syndrome in the Twenty-First Century” Advisor: Vivian Patraka __ • Rebekah Burchfield (2010) “Pressed between the Pages of My Mind: Tangibility, Performance, and Technology in Archival Popular Music Research” Advisor: William Schurk __ • Mark Bernard (2010) “Selling the Splat Pack: The DVD Revolution and the American Horror Film” Advisor: Cynthia Baron __ • Christian Pralea (2010) “A Hermeneutical Ontology of Cyberspace” Advisor: Rekha Mirchandani __ • David Moody (2010) “Political Melodies in the Pews?

: Is Black Christian Rap the New Voice of Black Liberation Theology?

Two clubs who were more than happy to help out were St Ives Town, located just outside of Cambridge and Kings Langley, a side near Watford.

Speaking to managers, players, physiotherapists and board members, it became clear to me that the governing bodies do next to nothing to help non-league teams.

I felt that this area of the game needed to be looked at, so I started to research as many papers as I could with regards to head injuries/concussions in soccer.

You may be surprised to know that soccer, in general, doesn’t seem to pay much attention to head injuries.This is why I wanted to study the non-league scene, because these people love the game and will play no matter what, which is an issue as much as it is admirable.These players wouldn’t want to leave the pitch, as one of the players says in the film, so to link it back to the Karius debate, why would he leave the biggest game of his career if he felt “fine”?The time in someone’s life when they have to do their dissertation at university is probably the most stressful thing that can happen.You can spend hours upon hours planning what you’re going to produce, but sometimes what you plan can change multiple times. At UCFB in Sports Broadcasting, we were given the opportunity to make a film, a radio documentary or an essay and I decided to make a film (it’s Sports Broadcasting, so why not?The first spoken line in my goes to Professor Hardy with his quote “it’s not the blow to the head, its the movement of the brain inside the head which does the most damage”. Unanticipated blows to the skull moves the brain around at a much ferocious speed, meaning the brain itself gets damaged more by an unanticipated blow than a simple header.NFL helmets were designed to prevent head injuries, yet there are arguments that the helmets has given the players licence to tackle harder, thus making head injuries still a common occurrence.Once I came up with the ideas of studying the impact of head injuries in football, an advert on Match Of The Day came on showing the upcoming Alan Shearer based around Dementia.So, while his was made and shown on air way before mine, I went out of my way to avoid any comparisons between my film and his.Social Class, Sitcoms and The New Normal” Advisor: Ellen Berry Current Position: American Culture Studies Ph D student at Bowling Green State University • Giang Nguyen Dien (2012) “9/11 and the Myth of National Unity” Advisor: Andrew Schocket __ • Alexander Champlin (2012) “Video Game Play and Apparatus” Advisor: Radhika Gajjala Current Position: Ph D Student at University of California Santa Barbara • Rebecca Testerman (2012) “Desegregating the Future: A Study of African-American Participation in Science Fiction Conventions” Advisor: Esther Clinton __ • Tiffany Knoell (2012) “Animating America: Warner Bros.Animation During the Depression” Advisor: Andrew Schocket Current Position: American Culture Studies Ph D student at Bowling Green State University • Mei Shang (2011) “On “Not Asian Enough” – Textual Analysis of Cultural Representation of All-American Girl” Advisor: Becca Cragin __ • Clare Lemke (2011) “Femme Feelings: Mapping Affective Affinities between Femme and Third Wave Feminists” Advisor: Bill Albertini Current Position: Doctorate earned at Bowling Green State University • Aaron Burnell (2011) “Nobody's Darlings: Reading White Trash in Supernatural” Advisor: Radhika Gajjala __ • Wisam Al Baldawi (2011) “Translating Iraq: The “Unknown Soldiers” of the US Occupation of Iraq” Advisor: Sridevi Menon Current Position: Working for a non-profit organization in Tuscon, AZ helping to resettle Iraqi Refugees • Khaled Esseissah (2010) “The Increasing Conversion to Islam Since 9/11: A Study of White American Muslim Converts in Northwest Ohio” Advisor: Lillian Ashcraft-Eason __ • Megan Adams (2011) “Flicking the Bean on the Silver Screen: Women’s Masturbation as Self-Discovery and Subversion in American Cinema” Advisor: Kim Coates Current Position: Ph D Student at Indiana University • Charlotte Tidy (2010) “The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army” and the Politics of Representation and Resistance” Advisor: Ellen Gorsevski __ • Maria Kotchetkova (2010) “Semiotic Approach to the Analysis of Interpersonal Communication in Modern Comedies” Advisor: Ellen Gorsevski __ • Kevan Feshami (2010) “That Blood is Real Because I Just Can’t Fake It”: Conceptualizing, Contextualizing, Marketing, and Delivering Gore in Herschell Gordon Lewis’s Blood Feast Advisor: Maisha Wester __ • Jonathan Bartholomy (2010) “Disability Studies is Absolutely Essential in a World Engulfed by Technology and Medicalization” Advisor: Cynthia Baron __ • Adrienne Hill (2009) “Spatial Awarishness: Queer Women and the Politics of Fat Embodiment” Advisor: Ellen Berry __ • Tamara Serrano-Chandler (2009) “Intersecting Identities: Race and Gender in a Quinceañera Fashion Show” Advisor: Susana Peña Current Position: Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator, Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies, Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan • Melinda Lewis (2009) “Renegotiating British Identity Through Comedy Television” Advisor: Simon Morgan-Russell Current Position: Instructor, Theatre and Film, Bowling Green State University • Angela Crist (2009) “South African Ubuntu Theory in Cross Cultural Community Development Practice: An Autoethnographic Exploration” Advisor: Jane Rosser __ • Kristen Cooperkline (2009) “Misconceptions Crumble: The Potential of Native-Controlled Theatre to Deconstruct Non-Native Americans' Perceptions of Native Peoples in the United States” Advisor: Scott Magelssen __ • Jonathan Van Melle (2009) “Locked In Time?


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