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It is also about thousands of hours of hard training and self-discipline - that’s not a bad message to send to young people.Sports such as pro-wrestling, where violence is staged like a show are much more dangerous.More important is the way boxing offers a way out of poverty for working class boys. Isn’t it better for children to want to be boxers when they grow up than drug dealers and gangsters?

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Often those around the boxer do very well at his (or her) expense. Some boxers have been exploited, and that is wrong.

This gives them a reason to make the fighter take more fights, even if that would be dangerous. And some have “wasted” their money on high-living - just like rock stars or footballers do.

In spite of all the regulations, deaths and serious injuries take place every year in boxing.

And they happen in amateur fights as well as professional ones, so headguards seem to make little difference.

Boxing exploits young men (and sometimes women now). They often don’t have enough education to make a proper decision about the risks of their sport even once they are adults.

They train hard for long hours, trusting a coach to prepare their body and a manager to arrange fights and handle money.Medical staff and equipment have to be on hand, and boxers are checked before fights to make sure they are fit enough to take part. The money and fame a few champion boxers get for hitting people sends the wrong message to young people.Having different weight divisions (Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight, etc.) means that fights should not be too unequal. Amateur fighters wear headguards and aim to score points rather than knockouts. It isn’t just the fights themselves which are the problem.Fighting often breaks out at publicity events, or even in the audience.Boxing isn’t just about a few minutes of violent activity.Clearly it is not possible to control boxing well enough so that it is safe. Those in charge of boxing work hard to make sure that it is as safe as possible.Both professional and amateur fights are run under very strict rules to make the risks as small as possible.The sport appeals to the worst and most violent parts of human nature.Such a savage sport has no place in modern society. We should not offer money to encourage them to fight.There is no point trying to deny our human nature - man is an aggressive animal and sports provide a safe outlet for that aggression.Contact sports such as rugby, American Football or Ice Hockey can also be brutal.


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