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First things first: what makes writing a thesis statement so challenging? Being an integral part of the introductory section, a thesis statement is an effective tool for putting forth the main idea of your paper clearly.An academic essay is a well-structured piece of writing controlled by the main idea.

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Now, that we understand what a thesis statement is and where it should be located, let's delve into the subject and take a look at what an effective thesis statement is made of.

In fact, writing an effective thesis statement is a challenge even for those students who have no problems doing academic assignments on their own.

Let's say, the topic is "." Now, in your thesis statement, you may bring out an opinion that diversity in a workplace is counterproductive for the company's performance.

You may refine your concept with another sentence or two clarifying your opinion.

Typically, it goes at the end of your introductory paragraph, which is usually the first one in your paper.

If you are working on a complex assignment with several opening paragraphs, placing the thesis sentence near the beginning of your paper is what you should go for.Whereas the first paragraph may be entirely focused on general information related to the subject, you should place your thesis statement toward the beginning of the second introductory paragraph.It should by no means be introduced in any of your paper's body paragraphs.Support your arguments by the evidence you have found as a part of the study.The main body of the text is where you thematize that evidence.In the premises part, you should explain why the topic is important in the first place and why you as the author suggest this particular thesis statement.Use the answer to that question to identify the topic. The central part of the paper should also be built around your thesis statement.It is written with the attempt either to affirm the concept as true or to verify it.The main idea is generally grasped from the thesis statement.Questions to consider when writing an analytical thesis statement: A reader who encountered that thesis would expect the paper to explain how barn owls hunt for insects, build nests, and raise young.Questions to consider when writing an expository thesis statement: In an argumentative paper, you are making a claim about a topic and justifying this claim with reasons and evidence.


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