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Numerous studies have also revealed that nonadherence is the cause of mortality, frequent hospitals visits, and hospital admissions [12, 13]. [4], missed and shortened dialysis treatment time resulted in physical problems such as hypotension, cramps, fatigue, and clots in access site.

Documented literature reveals that approximately 50% of individuals with ESRD undergoing hemodialysis (HD) were not adhering to their prescribed treatment regimen [8].

This is also confirmed by Ibrahim and colleagues, who showed that nonadherence through skipping hemodialysis sessions ranged from 7 to 32% among ESRD patients [9].

It is also evident that there is little or nothing known about the proportion of people living with ESRD or requiring RRT in Rwanda.

From the national statistics, the majority of the people live in rural areas and yet the majority hemodialysis services for them are available in urban setting of Rwanda.

Eleven percent (11 %) of the patients required extra treatment and 12 % had shortened their sessions.

Negative patient outcomes and increased health care expenses as well as workload of the hemodialysis unit are consequences of nonadherence behaviors in ESRD population [12].

Participants were recruited using a purposive sampling technique.

Demographic and adherence to hemodialysis data were collected with the use of structured interview schedules.

In Rwanda, like in most of other African countries, there is limited data on the prevalence of ESRD requiring hemodialysis.

However, from clinical observations, the number of ESRD patients on hemodialysis was approximately 70 nationwide at the time of the study.


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