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The intrinsic characteristics used to assign an individual to a race include and are limited to ancestral origin Individuals in society use races and the accompanying racial stereotypes to determine whether to distance themselves from a member of a certain race and to determine whether one feels safe around an individual of a certain race.

In the example with Darryl and the police officer, the officer decided that the people in the white suburb were not safe based on Darryl’s race and the environment Darryl surrounded himself in.

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(For one thing, there is no calculation that can be done to determine whether someone is 50% identifying with that group and 50% with the other or 25% versus 75%, yet biracial implies an even, symmetric split.)Another case was Bernie Sanders's self-identification as Jewish (in the familial background sense) leading to rancorous dispute about whether to label him as a religious practitioner of Judaism without reliably sourced information about his religious practices (if any).

This Wikipedian battleground is what led to the removal of the parameters from most biographical infoboxes other than those for religious leaders.To take a high-profile example: When someone like Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex, says she is white- African-American, repeatedly and in reputably published interviews, this is a socio-political statement about identifying with subcultural groups (and their heritage, pride, troubles, etc.), not a statement about genetics."Biracial" is also a politicized socio-cultural label; if Markle doesn't use it and few if any reliable sources do with regard to her, then it's forbidden original research for Wikipedia editors to do so.In 21st century America, a race consists of a group of individuals with similar viewable intrinsic characteristics.By using these intrinsic characteristics, society creates races consciously and sometimes subconsciously.Some essays represent widespread norms; others only represent minority viewpoints."Ancestry" is essentially too meaningless an idea (or, rather, one with too many subjective meanings) for consistent use in Wikipedia articles and categories, under any particular terms including race and ethnicity, and specific names and labels that qualify as classification by ancestry.From the social perspective, race is rarely used for anything other than determining inferiority or superiority and often inferior races are created for the preservation of superior races.Constraints such as the skin color required for the membership in a said race are created by society.The encyclopedia only cares when reliable sources or the subjects themselves consistently make a point of it – when it becomes part of the encyclopedic story of who they are.This is not Anthropometry Pedia, and it is not our job to measure people's "breeding stock" and decide "how much" they are this group versus that one, then put them into labeled boxes.


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