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They say the real problem isn’t anthropocentrism but -centeredness.

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Several new philosophies have developed in response to the worsening environmental crisis, and among the most interesting is something called "deep ecology." It calls for nothing less than a complete overhaul of the way humans live on the Earth.

Deep ecology is not without its critics, nor its competitors.

Certainly the old ideologies of left and right are pretty bankrupt, in terms of their ability to address these issues.

Critics have latched onto the fact that on one or two occasions, certain deep ecologists have called for Draconian measures to save the planet from destruction at the hands of human beings.

The ecological nightmare is supposedly just the latest manifestation of the consequences of those power trips.

It’s a movement that looks for alternatives to the basic political, social, epistemological, metaphysical, scientific and gender-oriented categories of modernity. " Well, you might say it’s the Enlightenment and its consequences.Deep ecology portrays itself as "deep" because it asks deeper questions about the place of human life, who we are.Deep ecology is founded on two basic principles: one is a scientific insight into the interrelatedness of all systems of life on Earth, together with the idea that centric attitude is more consistent with the truth about the nature of life on Earth.And like any radically new way of thinking, it raises more questions than it answers.But since every major change of direction in humanity’s recent history has been supported – or ignited – by a new philosophy, its appearance is a very hopeful sign.It’s the assertion of a universal conception of what it means to be human, and this conception turns out to have the same characteristics as educated, white European men. It rejects the belief that there’s only one kind of rationality, called "analytical scientific" rationality.It rejects anthropocentrism to some extent, and certainly ethnocentrism, as well as sexism and patriarchy.Social ecologists say we need to change our structure, and that the elimination of authoritarianism and hierarchy in human society will end the environmental crisis.Deep ecologists say there’s no certainty that would happen.This would involve a pretty radical change of consciousness, but it would make our behavior more consistent with what science tells us is necessary for the well-being of life on Earth.We just wouldn’t do certain things that damage the planet, just as you wouldn’t cut off your own finger.


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