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On the other hand, passing between the people without hearing impairments gets considered as rude (Leybaert et al., 4).I also got to meet one individual from the deaf community and tried to communicate with him in sign language using the little signs I learned in class.

On the other hand, passing between the people without hearing impairments gets considered as rude (Leybaert et al., 4).I also got to meet one individual from the deaf community and tried to communicate with him in sign language using the little signs I learned in class.Therefore, I made a decision to take a further course on America Sign Language to avoid future embarrassment and to form part of the deaf community although at a different level. Cued Speech and Cued Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.

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I realized I never knew much about sign language and ended up missing 90% of what the person tried to communicate back.

I got assisted by one of the tutors who happened to command the sign language although he got no impairment.

The thing that I noticed about the hour of signed reading was how all of the children were very well behaved, sitting still paying close attention.

This is very different from when I read to my six year old nephew who insists on moving around or poking the person next to him, but this is probably because deaf children have to watch the person signing to them or they will miss part of the story.

" I told her that I don't have one and that I came because I"m a student and came for school.

She smiled and nodded signed that she was also a student and then asked me if I liked the story. is an organization that provides the Deaf community with information about Deaf culture and events that may interest the Deaf or hard of hearing. It was nice to realize that there are other cultures thriving within our own culture. Readers write in with questions regarding issues in Deaf culture and the editor responds he/she can. This newsletter was very effective in communicating its purpose and place in Deaf culture.

What I found very interesting was the facial expressions that the signer used.

Although I could not understand most of sign in the story (which was called "Thanksgiving Day") I picked up a little by his facial expressions, and when he showed the pictures in the book. After the book was over everybody waved their hands in the air instead of clapping, and Robert signed his name (I missed his last name because I sneezed) and played with a few of the children.

When I told her I didn't really understand it she told me that she would tell it to me in "small words" which made me laugh. It is very impressive but there are so many current events and activities going on in the Deaf community. It was not until early 1980s that the cochlear implants were first approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in deaf adults and children and it has become serious issue in deaf community. However, many critics oppose that cochlear implant will destroy deaf communities and deaf culture including American Sign Language (ASL).

But when she retold it to me I did understand it, I also noticed the was the way that she to used facial expression and body language as well as the order of the words and the words that she left out. On the other hand, some people support that cochlear implants as the only lifesaving technology that can alter deafness and enhance opportunities and possibilities for profoundly deaf people who cannot be helped by hearing aids to function in the hearing w... According to Amy Ling from the Pergamon Press, "It isn't uncommon in Chinese culture for immigrant parents of Americanized Chinese children to try to force certain aspects of the parents life and ambitions onto their children." ...


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