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If they go out and buy a copy of Mathematica, then they're using mainstream software.However, if they decide to write their own program to do it, then they have a piece of custom written software.

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Dmitry Khodarenok is prominently known for custom software development and working in this field since 7 years to provide unique database to every company whether large or small company.

Custom software allows you to control all aspects of a software application that is specifically built to support your business process.

Software that is designed specifically for a particular use or company, and is not of interest to a wide range of people is custom made.

A company may need software to do some very specific job and there is nothing that can be bought that will do it.

Custom written software is very expensive so not many people use it but the companies that do use it can get specific buiness needs using the program Custom written software is software which is written for one specific occasion.

It may be that a researcher needs to do a lot of complex calculations.Custom designed software is usually an application that has been modified to work for a specitic company to keep track of and cross referance information or users in a definite way.It can be any software made to do a specific function not available otherwise.So what they will do is get some software specially made for them. Package software is couple of programs combined together which is recommended by the company that provides you the pack the custom software is where you can select the kind of programs and the execution of the software according to your need Many companies provide custom software development and android application development services.Instead of hiring a company, you can hire freelance custom software developer to fulfil your needs and requirements.Custom software solutions enable efficient data processing matching your business requirements.Custom software solutions enable you to monitor and control your business processes the way you feel right for your business. Pre written software is that type of software which is developed on the basis of generic concept where as user written/custom application software is developed based on the requirement of the particular business, organization or user requirements.Custom written software gives the impression that the software was written from the ground up for that one intended client.This is like this If somebody wants an already existing standard software to customize it to suit his needs, this is called a customized software eg: Tally software (an accounting software) customized to suit various clients as per the requirements Custom software or custom made software or tailormade software is one where the developer develops the software keeping in mind the specific requirement of the client so that the same can be used specifically by…The help files may be lacking and support would be more difficult to come by, considering the uniqueness of the program.It is software that is specifically written to do a particular job and which may be of no use to anyone else.


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