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Mullaly & Keating (1991) suggest three schools of radical thought corresponding to three versions of socialist analysis; social democracy, revolutionary Marxism and revolutionary Marxism.However, they work in institutional contexts which paradoxically implicates them in maintaining capitalist functions.

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More recently the writings of Italian political philosophers such as Agamben and Esposito, especially their theorizing about community and governance have come to the fore in critical social work.

A new journal published by Policy Press called Critical and Radical Social Work: An international journal promotes debate and scholarship around a range of engaged social work themes and issues.

The challenges of measuring the critical thinking capacities of students are also examined.

Search Strategy for Literature Review The first step in undertaking the literature review was to locate relevant articles from computerised databases relevant to social work, education, nursing and social sciences, including Pro Quest, Informit, Sage Journals Online, ERIC, Wiley Interscience and OVID.

In doing so, it outlines educational strategies that have been used to promote critical thinking in social work, and argues that understanding the client or consumer perspective is a vital part of the critical thinking process.

Introduction Critical thinking is on the agenda for professionals and higher education institutions as a means to equip students and practitioners to grapple with the complexity and rapid growth of knowledge.

Social workers have an ethical commitment to working to overcome inequality and oppression.

For radical social workers, this implies working towards the transformation of capitalist society towards building social arrangements which are more compatible with these commitments.

The journal publishes papers which seek to analyze and respond to issues, such as the impact of global neo-liberalism on social welfare; austerity and social work; social work and social movements; social work, inequality and oppression. Webb was commissioned by Routledge to edit a major international reference work 'A Handbook of Critical Social Work' (due for publication 2018).

Webb published 'The New Politics of Social Work' in 2013 written closely in the tradition of critical social work.


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