Critical Essays On Revenge In Hamlet

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In the play, Shakespeare has connected many themes to bring out the final story, which has remained a source of great interest for scholars.

Although there are many themes in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, revenge plays a significant role.

At this point, the audience is able to see just how much Laertes is angered by this act.

Actually, Laertes is not only angry but also determined to exert revenge against whoever was responsible for the death and this is clear to the audience.

Despite these variations in the method of execution, revenge still becomes one of the most dominant themes in the play.

(Shakespeare Navigators) From the time the play opens, both Hamlet and Laertes seek retribution on each other for their father’s deaths.

In the play, there are several characters who are determined to revenge the wrongs that they feel have been committed against them.

However, each character goes about their revenge mission in his or her own way.

In the play, some characters rely on the advice of their friends to determine the best way of revenge while others go about it on their own.

On another level, some characters exert their revenge instantly while others defer their revenge to a time that they deem appropriate.


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