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Rosaura retaliates by taking “one of the things Tita loved most in the world” – her daughter, Esperanza - with a simple declaration that Tita will never again be allowed to feed her (215).

Rosaura retaliates by taking “one of the things Tita loved most in the world” – her daughter, Esperanza - with a simple declaration that Tita will never again be allowed to feed her (215).Later, as Tita prepares dinner, the beans she attempts to cook are affected by her anguish over the loss of Esperanza.

Contrary to traditional beliefs about a woman’s place in the kitchen, Tita’s presence in the kitchen does not represent passive submission—her culinary creations literally cause action.

Although she does not dare to verbalize her disgust as she prepares for her sister, Rosaura, and her lover, Pedro, to wed, for fear of Mama Elena’s wrath, Tita is able to channel her ill will into the wedding cake.

The wedding cake, tainted by Tita’s tears, not only causes the guests to feel “a great wave of longing,” but also “an acute attack of pain and frustration” and violent vomiting akin to a volcanic eruption (Esquivel 39-40).

Unfortunately, the effects are also powerful enough to cause the death of Tita’s constant companion, Nancha.

Consequently, cooking becomes a medium through which Tita can transmit her subversive desire to have a sexual relationship with her sister’s husband.

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Despite her premature birth due to excessive crying and an extreme sensitivity to onions, Tita is not a weak-willed, overly sentimental female.

Tita’s first encounter with her special ability to communicate through food can hardly be described as premeditated.

It is purely by accident that Tita ruins her sister’s unjust wedding.

As we witness the nurturing Tita's struggle to be true both to family tradition and to her own heart, we are steeped in elaborate recipes for dishes such as turkey mole with almonds and sesame seeds or quail with rose petals, in medicinal concoctions for ailments such as bad breath and gas, and in instructions on how to make ink or matches.

Eventually, Tita must choose between marrying a loving, devoted doctor or saving herself for Pedro, her first true love. Playful in its flirtation with magical realism and engaging in its folkloric earthiness but, nonetheless, light, romantic fare.


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