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Tita accuses her mother when she finds out about death of her nephew who was like a son to her.Mama Elena slaps strongly Tita across the face with a hard, wooden spoon.

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Tita feels like in a cage and can only express her real sorrows and wishes when she cooks.

Laura Esquivel employs the tactics of magical realism which allows her to intertwine the ordinary with the supernatural in order to stress on the main problem (Dennard, n.d.).

Rosaura’s life as well as her Gertrudis’ is getting very bad.

She loses Roberto and later on becomes completely infertile after the serious complications during the delivery of Esperanza, her daughter.

While the doctor is away, Pedro and Tita make love for the first time.

A couple of months later, Tita is haunted with the thoughts whether she can be possibly pregnant from Pedro.After one especially rich dinner of quail with the rose petal sauce flavored abundantly with the erotic thoughts about Pedro, the elder sister Gertrudis gets overwhelmed with lust and decides to escape from the ranch after making rapacious love with a radical soldier in quite an unusual position on the back of a horse.Her life does not end happily after this: She is dumped into a cheap brothel and consequently disowned by the mother.At the urge of Mama Elena, Pedro and Rosaura has to leave for the city in Texas, San Antonio.The mother started suspecting that there is some romantic relationship between Pedro and Tita.Therefore, Tita starts feeding Roberto herself to stop him from constant crying.Gradually, she starts producing breast milk and has a good opportunity to nurse the baby. The two of them start meeting secretly, stealing the few moments together from their families by hiding around on the ranch behind the backs of Rosaura and Mama Elena.Mama Elena decides to avenge Tita for her behavior and sets her lover on fire.Pedro is left bedridden and can behave only like “a child throwing a tantrum”.Because of the problem Pedro gets very drunk and goes singing under the window of Tita’s bedroom at the same time when his beloved is quarreling with her mother’s ghost who tells her that she is not pregnant at all.At this moment, the story turns into a tale which possesses a good number of magical elements who show the absurdity of the situations as well as outlining the most worrying thoughts and of the protagonists.


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