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Every successful job hunt starts with a good cover letter and a great CV.

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I believe I meet all the criteria needed for the role.

In the course of my studies, I learned a great deal about the financial side of running a business including details on setting a budget.

As well as having experience in the marketing field, I graduated from University College Dublin (UCD) with a BA in Marketing.

I am now looking to use the knowledge gained so far in my career to further help clients achieve their sales targets and the opening at Acme Business presents me with the ideal opportunity to achieve this goal.

A better way to start your cover letter is to open by stating that you have a qualification relevant to the job opening.

Beginning with “I’m a marketing professional with 15 years of healthcare industry experience” is far better than “My name is Jane Doe.” It is a total waste of time and paper to turn your cover letter into another version of your CV. Your cover letter is your opportunity to show an interest in the field, curiosity and your personality.If you’re savvy you’ll perform the necessary research to find out who you’re sending the application to. Johnson” is much better than “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam.” However, there may be occasions when you simply don’t know who will be reading the letter. The only thing worse than a generic opening is addressing the person by the wrong name!You would be astonished at the number of spelling and grammatical errors contained in the average cover letter.Every computer can open a PDF file without the need for conversion.The last thing you want is to send your cover letter in a file that needs to be converted as the recruiter might just move onto the next person instead.Hiring managers read dozens of cover letters and the last thing they want is to sift through irrelevant information on a page.Rather than focus on activities and tell the company about your love of bowling, look for ways to align the company’s values with your own. Jones, I am applying for the available marketing assistant role advertised at ie.There is a fine line between being confident and being arrogant.At the same time, you have to showcase your skill and experience.It’s always best to use hard data in terms of facts and figures when necessary.For example, “During my financial executive role in Cork, I was involved in banking contracts ranging from €40 million to €150 million” is better than “I was a financial executive in Australia.” There is no need to go beyond a single A4 page because unless the application is for a managerial/executive position, the recruiter won’t go past page one anyway.


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