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Your username is your email address; updating your username will log you out of Cash Course, and you will need to log in again with your new email address.

You also can update your password on the “My Profile” screen. The main purpose of your school’s primary Cash Course contact is to receive information about the program and about your school’s account.

Fill in the fields with the desired contact’s information, then click “Save Changes.” The new user will be notified of the account via email. From your administrator dashboard, click the “School Profile” icon.

Click the “School Profile” tab and select 'Edit' under the School Logo field.

Under the “Contact Information” block of the profile, click the “Edit” button.

Enter or update your secondary contact’s information, then click “Save Changes.” How do I access my website analytics?

Visit the “School Profile” page from your administrator dashboard.

Click the “Edit” button in the first block of your profile, then add links for your school’s Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linked In accounts.

Your school profile is where you can update your school’s contact information, add links to your social media profiles, and add faculty and staff users to your account.

The school profile contains contact information for your department; this is how Cash Course will contact you with important information about your account and updates to the program. To update your contact information, go to your administrator dashboard and click on “School Profile.” In the second block of the profile, under your name and email address, click the “Edit” button.


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