Cotton Paper Dissertation

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Such high-quality paper is advisable, whether required or not, because it will last longer.

The Library of Congress’ guide to book preservation explains that the long fibers of cotton-based paper resist the aging effects of acid and pollution better than the shorter fibers of wood-based paper, which is the base for less expensive, everyday papers.

For bound copies, however, widen the left margin to leave room for the binding.

Princeton University's Mudd Manuscript Library requires a left margin of 1.5 inches.

Universities increasingly require electronic documents for official submissions, but most still offer binding options, for personal or departmental copies, as well as for the campus library.

To bind the dissertation, first print it properly on high-quality paper, then consult your university’s guidelines.

Your graduate office will have the specifics on what options and prices are available and how long the binding process takes.

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You will only pay color printing rates for your specified color pages. Click here to view a detailed list of available paper options.

We can print your document from a PDF file (see sidebar), or you can mail your already printed document for Hard Cover Binding only.


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