Confucius Taoism Essay

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The world in the Confucian religion in seen through the ideal of humanism.This means that adherents of Confucianism hold it true that human beings are improvable, teachable and perfectible.

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The Buddhist believe that there will always be negativity in life, and that all life has a lot of suffering in it. This is why the Buddhists think reincarnation is a bad thing.

There is a similar bond between the Confucians and the Tao in the category rules and behavior.

Goods that are hard to get injure one's activities.

For this reason the sage is concerned with the belly and not the eyes, Therefore he rejects the one but accepts the other (Lao Tzu in Wing-Tsit Chan 145).

The connection between the two religions has influenced many people over time.

It can also be said that when the principles of both philosophies are put together, the outcome is a well-rounded person.They both believe that you must act accordingly in some way.These two are different also in the sense that Tao believe the life is to be lived according to the Tao and Confucians believe to live it according to actions.The central vehicle of achieving tranquillity was the Tao, a term which has been translated as "the way" or "the path" ( Wing-Tsit Chan 736).Te in this context refers to virtue and Ching refers to laws.The basic beliefs and concepts of Confucianism are similar to Taoism in the sense that they want peace and good behavior.The Buddhists, on the other hand, strictly have the purpose to reach Nirvana and follow the four noble truths.The Confucians believe that you should be improved by education and development of your character.The Tao believed that the life you lived with the Tao ways was good and following society's ways was very bad.Thus he counseled people to turn away from the folly of human pursuits and to return to one's natural wellspring (Wing - Tsit Chan 148, 141-142, 163, 169) The five colors cause one's eyes to be blind. The five flavors cause one's plate to be spoiled.Racing and hunting cause one's mind to be mad.


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