Comparing Fast Food Restaurants Essay

All the doors and windows are of transparent glass so one feels as if one I sitting in a garden and having food.

The inside and outside of the restaurant is not as beautifully designed as restaurant A, but lots of indoor plants inside the restaurant lends a glamorous touch.

The two restaurants that I would be comparing and contrasting are in opposite directions from 3221 Enterprise Way, Miramar, FL 33025.

Restaurant A is fifteen minutes drive from the school and is situated on the way of going to my home. Whereas restaurant B is around twenty-five minutes drive from the school and is situated in a place, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It was an amazing experience of watching the trees and bushes all around getting washed in rain while we relished hot soup and Choupsuey.

All the visits to this restaurant after that day make me remember the wonderful experience of having lunch in that rainy afternoon.The serene and calm atmosphere of the place with lots of greenery around makes it an enjoyable experience.This restaurant is not as big as restaurant A but lends a very cozy feeling.However this place is also a great time pass because at any given time one gets an opportunity to observe different kinds of people.Once my friend and I visited this restaurant in the busy afternoon hours.She demanded that since the woman who got the food first had not started eating, the food should be brought to her table. Both of them started quarrelling with each other, much to the amusement of other customers.The two of us enjoyed this incident very much and had nearly forgotten about our hunger amongst so much of commotion.We were very hungry and it would have been difficult to pass our time, waiting for the food to arrive.But one incident engrossed our attention so much that the twenty minutes of wait did not seem much to us.From outside this place is beautifully decorated but lack of enough parking spaces is a major disadvantage.The food is excellent but slow service kills the excitement of visiting this place.


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