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Individual purposes include religious practices and a sense of control over the entire universe.Social functions dealt with aspects of the life of all the people not personally.Sculptures also used marble, copper, bronze, silver, and clay.

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The two techniques involved were carving and casting.

Carving means subtracting material to get the desired figure while casting is adding material to obtain the desired figure (Carroll & Eurich, 1992).

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Different materials have different textures so the artist can make materials of the textures he requires.

Most sculptured objects have a smooth finish, while architectural objects are rough.Sculptures of Gods and buildings like pyramids represented the presence of a supernatural being and a creator (Horovitz, 1995).Functions of art are divided into personal, social and physical functions.Art is an object that possesses beauty, admired and appreciated by the people, and cannot be found anywhere but in particular places where people can visit.Creating artwork, therefore, requires excellent imagination to give the piece of work the desired aesthetic value.This is used mainly in sculptures of animal or human images to display the true natural appearance.The artists obtained a balance by making symmetrical sculptures and some architectural objects like the pyramids in Egypt.The balance was achieved to give the art natural beauty and safety (Parker, 2003). Sculptures of animals by the people of the past appreciated the mysterious way that a supernatural being created the world.Architectural buildings were sacred places and symbolized the presence of God, a sign of adherence to traditional values and way of accompanying death after life.This essay on Art Appreciation was written and submitted by user Sabrina Hood to help you with your own studies.You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.


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