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The author explains it when david talks to sophie as to make it so he actually talks to her to teach her things.CHAPTER 4 VOCABULARY placid - Not easily upset or excited.

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They aspired greedily, and then refused to face the responsibilities they had created. It would have been kinder than this...'She sat without a sound. The man with his arm linked in the woman's, the small figure on top of the pack-horse waving back to me as they disappeared into the trees.

They created vast problems, and then buried their heads in the sands of idle faith.” ― “In my experience,’ he told me, ‘if you run away from a thing just because you don’t like it you don’t know what you find either. The tears squeezed out from under the closed lids and ran down her face. Myself desolate, a kiss still damp on mycheek, a lock tied with a yellow ribbon in my hand.

A novel is usually based on several themes that represent author's views on a certain thing.

Similarly, many themes which represent authors idea are used in the novel the chrysalids.

In the novel the chrysalids by John Wyndham it is evident that fear was demonstrated through the words and actions of groups of characters making fear a major theme of the novel.

Firstly, fear was demonstrated by the people of Waknuk.Then God created woman, also, in the same image, but with these differences, according to her nature: her voice would be of higher pitch than man's: she should grow no beard: she should have two breasts... When neither of us moved she appeared to decide that the initiative lay with her. 'Please don't.'There was a startled catch in the sobbing.And any creature that shall seem to be human, but is not formed thus is not human. It is a blasphemy against the true image of God, and hateful in the sight of God.” ― “Sophie dear,' I said. ''Oh, don't call him that - please - we can't any of us help being what we are. She crossed to the bedside and knelt down concernedly beside it. A pause, then a brown arm reached out round Petra's shoulders. it no longer tore at one's heart: but it left itbruised and aching..” ― “Your work is to survive.It explains why he wants to rid the world of deviations because of how his brother turned out, he's afraid it might happen to him. What does the incident about Angus Morton's great horses tell you about the people's general attitude towards deviations?The people's general attitude is that, they don't mind small deviations, in fact, if it is profitable, they'll keep them so long as they know they're not true deviations. In what ways has the climate of Labrador changed since Tribulation?But life is change, that is how it differs from the rocks, change is its very nature.Who, then, were the recent lords of creation, that they should expect to remain unchanged?Neither his kind, nor his kind of thinking will survive long.They are the crown of creation, they are ambition fulfilled—they have nowhere more to go.The people of Waknuk considered themselves as the true image of god and continuously strived to become purer and purer.They feared deviations because deviations were considered as impurities sent by the devil.


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