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Before the mid-eighteenth century, Christian paideia was the purpose of nearly all Western education.This was based, in part, on Ephesians 6 that commands fathers to raise their children in “the Παιδεια (paideia) of the Lord.” It seeks an inner transformation of the student.Once we reach the boundary, we focus and we push at the boundary for a few years until one day the boundary gives way. focused on missiology, but I mainly focused on North America. candidate should strive to make original contributions to scholarship.

Specialists have an opportunity to add to the realm of human knowledge. If these assertions are true of knowledge in scientific and historical fields, they are no less true regarding the religious Ph. Here are a few thoughts about why you should consider seeking a Ph. A master’s degree deepens that special area, represented by a longer protrusion of the specialty bulge. Be an expert at something where you can make a difference for the kingdom.

Research papers then take us to the edge of human knowledge.

From a liberal perspective, this raises concerns about indoctrination.

I conceptualise indoctrination as education which makes students closed-minded, and argue that closed-mindedness is linked to cognitive biases and cognitive dissonance.

It starts with a different purpose and ends with different results than conventional education.

This document summarizes the essential elements of CCE.ACE claims the curriculum is used in more than 6,000 schools worldwide, but there has so far been minimal academic research into the curriculum or students’ experiences of it.I attended an ACE school for some of my secondary education, and this thesis combines reflections on my experiences and analysis of qualitative interviews with students who were educated at ACE schools in England.It cultivates the students’ habits of thought and action in order to view the world with certain foundational truths and thereby align their desires with God’s ideal.Classical Christian education’s objective, then, is to shape the virtues and reason so that they will be in line with God’s will.The dissertationist becomes an expert about a specific body of work that contributes to the world’s knowledge. At the very least you will make other experts in that field more knowledgeable. I became an expert on the systems that undergird church planting in denominations.Today I want to suggest there are certain religious Ph. degrees that will benefit the church, denominations, and students. Work Adds to Human Knowledge This graphic—and you REALLY need to look at it—depicts all the world’s knowledge. After elementary school, we know a little represented by a very small circle in the middle of the larger circle of all human knowledge. As a result, I know information about church-planting systems: their development, history, and assessment process. Dissertation Ideas I’m often asked about what topics I’d suggest for dissertations. ideas include I am happy to share these ideas, because I get asked about this often, but it has generated a lot more people asking.Then, I did my dissertation on the strategy When I walked into my doctoral dissertation committee to defend my research, they said, “Ed, you know more about this than we do, so why don’t you just tell us.” That’s what a Ph. dissertation is supposed to be—you should be the expert on your dissertation subject. A person completing a dissertation should know more than anybody else in the world about that one topic. ), but they must be a world-class expert in that one subject. Many participants described continued effects of indoctrination despite their rejection of ACE’s teachings.Inspection reports from ACE schools do not indicate awareness of these issues.


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