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Should gummy labels and fabric wrinkles be treated and repaired, or stabilized and left as intact as possible?

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This just in: according to the neurotic Jews and WASPs of the last decade's fiction, American men don't know how exactly they should be acting about sex. Somebody tell John Mayer before he threatens to date rape us again. An entirely boy-centric romatic one, where nothing is interesting unless it involves crushes and the surrounding drama. The cover has a neat conceit, but it doesn't actually work, a metaphor for masculinity if ever there was one.

Is femininity still too much about self-abnegation? Did Warren Beatty tell Peter Biskind that Jane Fonda can unhinge her jaw like a python? Magazine's tits and cocaine ethos, as are the nu-80s that were the 00s. Everyone knows the problem with Jen An is that she's too submissive, and what John Mayer needs is a strong top. " and Taylor ascribe to a world view that too many fourteen year girls are already inoculated with.

This is just a personal preference, I would rather read smaller scale character studies, but I also think that emotional observation is a core component of his talents as a writer. New novels by all writers starting now in 2010 are forbidden from involving the following things: comic books, detectives, baseball, magicians, the holocaust.

Anyway if Katie Roiphe is underwhelmed and unoffended by the sexually neutered males of Brooklyn fiction, she should check out this vast cultural wasteland called the internet. As soon as you have that respect from her, she’ll treat you with the same respect that you show.

If I were a man, which is something I've obviously spent a great deal of time thinking about, I would feel as insulted by the bulk of male culture as I am by most things steered to women. also, if Vice's "tits and cocaine" ethos is over, did they get the memo? They are real people, and they deserve to be insulted by what masculinity has come to represent." couldn't have been said better...

The men I know are nothing like the caricatures of "men" I see advertised to me everywhere. They have more feelings than they know what to do with. Didn't last Halloween prove that that's still their banner standard? Now I'll have to give up on my novel about magical detectives playing baseball and reading comic books during the Holocaust, but that may be for the best. Re: "The men I know are nothing like the caricatures of "men"...

The pieces in the Walker acquisition reflect this broad span.

IMMIGRATION AND PASSPORT CONTROL: Following their journey from New York, all items must undergo a thorough inspection, cleaning, and cataloguing before they can fully move into the Walker’s collection.

This may sound like a more clinical vantage point, but as I begin to examine the costumes, I am constantly surprised by the unexpected details that pop at this close distance.

For instance, Rauschenberg’s (1958) costumes look uniformly dotted from stage.


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