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Gen-Xers and Millennials fueled the show’s home media sales, helping it become the best-selling television series DVD of all time.Decades into a post-Civil Rights Era where enforced colorblindness threw bleach on the country’s discourse about race, Chappelle exposed the weak threads of America’s proto-post-racial social fabric.

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Though nearly hijacked by a bizarre story of a fictitious blackmail, Chappelle offers several gems.

“Isn’t it amazing that this disease happens to hate everybody that old white people hate? The political content of the second set merges with personal and familial beefs of the first, and the tone of both specials finds Chappelle grappling with his own exceptionality as a Black man who “makes it” and retains resentment at having to work twice as hard to do so.

As far as comedic technique is concerned, Chappelle still has few peers.

His aural attack of well-timed punchlines, impassioned rants and pitch-perfect accents (nobody does “aggrieved racist southerner” better) is spellbinding.

He was sorely missed as the years went by, particularly among audiences who desperately wanted someone to spoof the self-righteous liberalism of suddenly anti-racist Obama voters.

Chappelle did not die in the 2000s as Jackson did: Both have survived, as cautionary tales for Black entertainers about the perils of building too big a tent.In the last stretch of the first special, Chappelle caps a mesmerizing summary of mid-century American history with the jarringly hilarious observation “and during that whole time, Bill Cosby raped 54 people.” At an elevated level of technical wizardry, these skills become transcendent, and the parallels for Chappelle’s gift of gab are not to be found elsewhere in standup, but in music and literature.Like a jazzman without a horn, Chappelle’s code-switching routine moves from profound to profane, reflecting the local idioms and vulgarities of the great American vernacular.As a proxy for class, race is still the foremost indicator of one’s proximity to the American dream; even at the most intimate points of contact between ethnic groups, we’re not as far along as we believe towards making that no longer the case.As such, prophets like Chappelle are not meant to be popular forever.It’s fitting that OJ Simpson is the first set’s patron saint.It was Simpson whose “exceptional Negro” persona ingratiated him into White households in the racially acrimonious 1960s and ’70s.Is it we who’ve grown out of the hijinx of , which history will reveal as immature?Or has Chappelle himself betrayed the brilliance of his early-career achievements by regressing into that which he once parodied the most—a bigoted buffoon afraid of change?When most of us met Dave Chappelle in 2003, he was a 30-year-old stand-up with an off-kilter take on race relations, a host of forgettable film appearances and a mandate from Comedy Central to write and star in the television series What followed were two generation-defining seasons of uproarious political commentary that introduced a set of immortal characters to pop culture lore, each as famous for the way they parodied America’s social order as they were for the way they upheld it: a misogynistic Rick James caricature; the minstrel news anchor Chuck Taylor; a Black Ku Klux Klan member named Clayton Bigsby.Half of the audience laughed at the pathology of these characters; the other half laughed with it. By 2004, was the highest-rated program in its timeslot among 18 to 34 year-olds.


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