Cellulase Research Papers

Media and buffer were prepared using chemicals of high purity and analytical grade. It was washed, dried and then filtered through 16 mesh screen to keep the particle size uniform throughout the studies.CMC(Carboxy Methyl Cellulose), peptone, agar, yeast extract, nutrient agar were purchased from Hi Media Laboratories Ltd., India; Sodium hydrogen diphosphate and Sodium dihydrogen phosphate were purchased from Qualigens Fine Chemicals Ltd., India; and DNS was purchased from Merck and Co. The samples for isolation of cellulase producing microorganisms were collected from various places which serve as their natural habitat.

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The key variables namely incubation time, temperature, wheat bran and tap water ratio, p H and inoculum size were evaluated.

The optimization of the process variables resulted in 1.14 IU/ml of cellulase activity from Bacillus subtilis PJK6 under SSF using wheat bran as a sole organic substrate with tap water.

Hence, response surface methodology (RSM) was applied as it is a useful statistical technique for analyzing the effect of several independent variables.

A central composite design (CCD) was constructed to evaluate the interactive and mutual impact of the key variables on cellulase production with an objective to obtain high yields of cellulase in a cost effective and eco-friendly bioprocess.

Typical examples of such sites from where the samples were collected include sludge from biogas plant, cow dung, degraded litter, degrading lignocellulosic biomass, soil from agricultural fields, sludge from paper mill, deteriorating sugarcane in soil, kitchen garden soil, decaying wood etc.

All the samples collected were divided in two parts and one part of each was heat treated by keeping at 60 The microorganisms producing cellulase were isolated by Enrichment technique using 1% CMC (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose) based on the hypothesis that if the microorganisms are provided with cellulose as a sole carbon source in the medium for their growth, then only those who can produce cellulase enzyme to utilize cellulose for their growth and the metabolic needs could survive.

media composition and environmental conditions for obtaining high titer and productivity of enzyme .

For this, statistical tool can provide the benefit of optimization of different variables on the basis of their mutual interactive and influential role for a specific response.

In order to achieve high titer of cellulase, a central composite design (CCD) was constructed and performed for optimization of SSF with five process variables at five coded levels.

A 2 full factorial design was constructed leading to a set of 50 experiments that were performed in triplicates.


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