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The evolution can be presented through the continued practices of ideas and the changes that occurred from 1754-1800.Some continuity from period III included the idea of self government among colonies and the ongoing slavery of African-Americans along with the mistreatment of the Native Americans which provided liberty to the colonists while stripping the other race from their freedom.Each events are divided into specific time periods in history.

The evolution can be presented through the continued practices of ideas and the changes that occurred from 1754-1800.

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CCOT Essay Example America is a nation with years of history engraved in itself.

The Articles of Confederation and the later Constitution, explicitly supported the slavery with the three-fifths compromise of 1787 where slaves only counted as a three-fifth of an actual citizen.

In a caucasian, male dominant society, African-Americans were stripped from their human rights and owned as nothing more than a property.

While economic transforma-tions occurred throughout Western Europe, the influence of the Roman Catholic Church was As trade once again began to flourish, Europe saw the decline of manoralism.

This was due to the rise in the merchant class which challenged the power of the Aristocracy, thereby weakening their influence.

Continuity & Change Over Time (CCOT) Essay Europe 600-1750 Taylor Question: analyze the social and economic continuities and changes that occurred in Europe between 6.

During the time period between 6, economic and social continuities and changes impacted Western Europe immensely.

Prior to the American Revolution, the colonies operated independently and followed their rules, occasionally supporting the British empire through the collected taxes.

So, the intention of self government followed through, as the colonies overthrew the British monarchy and aristocracy in order to form the United States of America where they created their own government, laws and rules called the Constitution.


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