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The Sim Health Group has proven expertise in assisting organizations implement their simulation program.

Most nurse educators have no formal education in business administration.

The company forecasts the expected growth in current business sectors, and exciting new markets are identified for the company to enter in the future.

The ability to forecast with reasonable accuracy prevents the company from making strategic errors, such as committing large amounts of capital to enter a market that initially appeared promising but turns out to be insignificant in size or not profitable.

Each component will be addressed as to why it is important to include that information.

Million Dollar Math Problem Solved - Business Plan Simulation

An actual business plan will be shared with those requesting it.If they were asked to write a business plan for their simulation program they would not know where to start.This presentation will outline the key components of a business plan and how to go about writing the plan.Learn key business skills– Get in control of a ready built virtual business in a turn based online startup simulator. – Manage all business processes by yourself, make managerial decisions, experiment, make mistakes, read hints, correct mistakes.– Compete with other real players, and ensure the growth and profits for next 30 turns. Use the simulation to find ideas, develop a prototype and a working business plan– Analyze the markets in the simulation, find a profitable niche and develop the idea for your own new company – Restart the simulation – Describe the idea, goals and business model of your company in accordance with the template and instructions – Build your virtual company in the selected market according to the described business model – Ensure a 20% profit growth for your company in each move for 30 turns in the simulation – Experiment, try, make mistakes, adjust the business plan and processes until you get the desired result. Start building your real business – Go beyond simulation, and move on to practical steps to build your business in the real world.The strategic planning process forces managers to look past the pressing challenges they must deal with on a day-to-day basis, and focus on formulating a long-range vision for building the business.This is the creative part of planning -- being able to imagine the company continually growing and gaining market share, and then determining the sequence of strategic actions and the resources needed to turn these imagined goals into reality If the business owners conduct the planning process with enthusiasm and recognize everyone’s contributions to the final product, the company can be transformed into one where strategic planning is ongoing, not just a once-a-year project.Managers begin to see their roles as constantly trying to make the areas they are responsible for operate more efficiently.They develop a capacity for spotting emerging market opportunities and potential innovations.Items submitted to a conference/event were evaluated/peer-reviewed at the time of abstract submission to the event.No other peer-review was provided prior to submission to the Henderson Repository, unless otherwise noted.


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