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This limits the short-term debt to $12,350 from the owner's credit union, for which the business is already pre-approved.

All photographs taken by Adorable Pet Photography will carry proper copyright notice.

Many sources believe that in the years to come we will replace traditional film with digital images.

While this may be true of the amateur photographer and the commercial or technical photographer, we at Adorable Pet Photography believe that the time-honored artistry of photography, exhibited by Ansel Adams, Yuseff Karsh, Annie Leibowitz, and other famous photographers, will continue to be recorded on film.

This notice of copyright will offer protection against a claim of "innocent infringement" on the part of a client.

Some clients of Adorable Pet Photography will require copyright release forms; this will primarily involve breeders and pet specialty show organizers who will need to use the photographs for publication.It will provide pro bono service to the local humane society and funding of awards for local dog and cat specialty shows.The founder of Adorable Pet Photography has a long history as a successful photographer.Adorable Pet Photography will reach this audience by targeting clients of these existing markets.We will fill an existing need for the client by specializing in pet photography. households with pets has held steady at approximately 58 million over the past ten years, the amount of money Americans spend on their pets has exploded.Through advertisements in the print media, brochures, and establishing working relationships with pet organizations and pet specialty businesses frequented by our potential client base, we will highlight our quality products and services. In 1993, overall retail sales of pet-related items were approximately billion.By 1997 this number had risen to .6 billion, and by 2001, that number is expected to jump to .5 billion.At Adorable Pet Photography, pets are our only business.We are dedicated to capturing a moment you can remember forever to preserve a special relationship.The owner serves as the head photographer, and will require one assistant.Adorable Pet Photography is invested in the community.


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