Brutus And Julius Caesar Essay

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Shakespeare includes Elizabethan clothing and inventions so that his audience can relate to the characters in the play.

Finally, Shakespeare purposefully pulls the focus onto the emotional struggle of Brutus.

After critically analyzing , one acknowledges the sources Shakespeare used in writing it and how that contributes to the play that the world now knows.

An investigation of the textual background and the play itself will help to understand a key theme of the work.

His downfall is that naïveté and his bad decision-making. When the conspirators gathered at his house, Cassius asked for an oath from each conspirator. During the meeting, Cassius suggested that Mark Antony should also be killed, along with Julius Caesar. He also started a civil war against Cassius and Brutus.

During the war, both Cassius and Brutus commit suicide.

Historically, Caesar was considered to hold an air of nobility about him and was “tall, thin-featured, bald and close shaven” as well as being thought of as one of the greatest generals and speakers of all time (“Caesar, Julius,” ).

Caesar is personally applauded for his many accomplishments including chronological writings of wars, reforming the calendar to the modern 365-day year with leap years, and improving cities under his rule through aqueducts and libraries (“Caesar, Julius”).

When Cassius and Brutus were discussing strategies, Brutus suggested that they attack now because there are at their strongest and Cassius suggested that they wait and let the enemies come to them so the enemies will be tired.

Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567857723"Brutus's bad decision-making skill also led to his death.


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