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By Collin Suttle, Student Contributor Have I been grateful for writing enough?It’s free, and it’ll give you one extra kick in the butt to get you started.You’ve watched artists, performers and writers like Hugh Mc Leod, Amanda Palmer, Chase Jarvis, and Jeff Goins sell boatloads of creative work thanks to the platforms they have built from their blogs.Hugh began blogging in 2001, long before most people had any idea what a even was.He’s been a champion of blogging for artists ever since.And don’t just stick to your own field – cross-pollinate and explore ideas from other disciplines.After all, great artists draw their influences from many places and you never know where your next killer idea will come from.He’s written two best-selling books and is working on his third. Don’t miss his Top-20 lists of drawing blogs to follow here and here.Amy is a writer and illustrator from Malaysia who has been sharing creative ideas, tutorials, business guidance, and courses since 2008 at her site.But the secret is to get fans, clients, and customers interacting with you on many levels. But let’s say you do have some concrete ideas for your own creative blog; how do you know if they will work in practice?What you need is some help from artists who’ve already blazed a trail and discovered what actually works.


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