Bilogy Coursework London Zoo

One of the key features of this course is our strong emphasis on field trips – these include day trips as well as national and overseas residential trips with the majority of these trips being free.

Being a student in London is like studying at the centre of the world, partly because of the amazing nightlife!

More importantly, it’s the best place in the UK when it comes to academic study, as there are so many resources at hand.

From there you can choose from a wide range of modules for your second and final years, from evolutionary genetics and infectious disease to neuroscience, reproductive biology or plant diversity.

Mix and match to take a broad approach to your studies, or drill deep into the areas that interest you most.

This course focuses on conservation both in zoos and in the wild which is ideal if you wish to pursue a career involving wildlife, working in either of those environments.

The School also has close links with local zoos and aquariums to provide you with a wide range of experiences throughout your course.

We also learned about Whipsnade Zoo's objective of to caring for the larger animals who need more space to roam.

Further to the two zoos, members of London Zoological Society also work closely with those local communities where the animals are found to find a long-term solution to the near extinction of many animals.

After the lecture, we were left to look around the zoo for two hours in small groups.

Wandering around the zoo, we saw many exotic and fascinating animals.


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