Best Book On Problem Solving

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However, the pool of choices you’re left with is still just a set of ideas.

There are no guarantees that you’ve identified the correct causes or that executing a chosen solution will actually bring relief.

You’ve both entered the working world a couple years ago and are now looking to buy a home.

However, once you look at your salaries and expenses, you realize you can’t afford the kind of home you want your future kids to grow up in. In this situation, most people would either resign to waiting for their next promotion or force themselves to randomly cut back on a big spending point.

These are the 10 books (among many) that have had the biggest impact on me and the work I did as a problem solver.

This list is by no means exhaustive - the bibliography for by Stephen J Dubner and Steven D Levitt.If I ever do come up with a school of life, there’ll definitely be a class called The 9 year old third grader, who has a chance to learn proper problem solving right from the start, the 30 year old young professional, who could use a reset on how she tackles problems after college, and anyone who tends to jump to conclusions.with Holly Walsh, Dr David Bramwell and Stephen J Dubner on Sunday night.What’s interesting is where Watanabe found this approach: in school.While the Japanese education system has long had a leg up on its Western counterpart, this surprised me.The skill Ken Watanabe explains in this book ranks highly on that list: problem solving.Having a methodical approach to how you deal with problems, as opposed to just going by gut and feelings, can make a big difference in how successful you are in overcoming your obstacles.At the same time, if you find it’s easier to collect data for other solutions, like cutting your expenses on monthly subscriptions, because you still have all your receipts, analysis also helps you determine which solutions have the best cost-to-benefit ratio.Analysis helps you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the sources of your problem, as well as your options to get rid of it.Of course it’s impossible to be 100% objective when judging what lead to your problem, but that’s where analysis comes in.For each root cause that you marked with a yes in your decision tree, ask what data you need to verify your answer.


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