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We all have once struggled with accepting something about ourselves, but that shouldn’t hold us back from being the people that we were brought on this earth to be.

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I learned what Above all, these women (they were nearly all women) were advocates.

They advocated for the child to the parents: you have to do this well.

Although I don’t think it’s bad to have a private and public self I just believe it shouldn’t matter how you think people view you.

Most people act one way in public and another way in private because they feel like they can’t be themselves without being judged.

When I think of a public and personal identity I think of a Disney star Miley Cyrus.

She was originally was on Disney channel which is mainly for kids and that’s how her career started in the music business.At least once in a lifetime there was a moment where you may have felt uncomfortable with your environment and felt like you couldn’t be yourself.Struggling with these internal conflicts can really mess one’s confidence up and it can make one feel down.Miley Cyrus once said: knocking me down, so I'm used to getting back up." This is a mindset that most people don’t have so it’s really inspiring to hear someone so famous and big say something like this and know that we aren’t alone.Not only famous people struggle with a private and public identity, but everyone does. You may think that people won’t accept you for who your true self is so you try to change and maybe act like them, or act the way you think they’ll accept you.Famous people don’t really have it easy either, most of them are lost and trapped in a mind that is there but don’t really know how to separate their famous stage self to their personal home self.Finding who you are and your identity can come with many challenges in life but it starts with being comfortable in your own skin.In my paper my central question was “Is it healthy to have a private self or public self?" One goal for my piece of writing was to just let my readers know that you should just be YOURSELF regardless of what people say about you because everyone gets talked about.Her mother and I had prepared for this—we knew the diagnosis from the ultrasound, had done the research you could do in 1986, asked the questions we could learn to ask—and got a good outcome.We went home to the western end of the state to raise twin daughters, one with a major disability (“our third child,” her mother says), and found ourselves in a system whose existence we hadn’t known of: Early Childhood Intervention.


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