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Unless you’re planning on being a Bee-Haver instead of Bee-Keeper you’ll need some accessory equipment to help you care for your bees.

Small-scale beekeepers who currently sell honey will also find the information on business plans and practices useful.

Apiculture, or beekeeping, offers opportunities for additional income for city dwellers as well as those living in rural areas.

D Associate Director Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center Southern Illinois University Carbondale Stu Jacobson, Ph. Research Specialist Abraham Lincoln Presidential Center for Governmental Studies University of Illinois Springfield Joshua Buchheit, M. Alternative Agriculture Specialist Community and Business Services Dunn Richmond Economic Development Center Southern Illinois University Carbondale Funded by: The Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research (C-FAR) May, 2003 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION...3 THE BUSINESS PLAN Title Page/Executive Summary...5 THE BUSINESS PLAN General Business Information...7 The U. and Midwest Beekeeping Industry...7 Characteristics of Beekeeping in Illinois...8 THE BUSINESS PLAN - Marketing...11 Mission Statement...11 Target Market...11 Competition...12 Marketing Strategy...14 THE BUSINESS PLAN - Management/Operations...19 Business Organization...19 Management and Employees...21 Labor Planning...23 Insurance...24 Suppliers...25 Professional Consultants...25 Licenses & Permits...26 Outside Influences...27 THE BUSINESS PLAN Financial Plan Checklist...28 Financial Projections and Supporting Information...28 The 5 C s of Credit...29 Sample Illinois Honey Production and Pollination Budget...30 Sample Apiary Establishment Cost Worksheet...31 Apiary Establishment and Equipment Cost Worksheet...32 Equity Investment Worksheet...33 Sources and Uses of Funds Worksheet...34 Sales Projection Worksheet...35 Operating Expense Worksheet...36 Personal Financial Statement...37 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES...39 Basics of Bee Biology and Management...39 Additional Opportunities in Beekeeping...40 Apiary Resource Section...42 Beekeeping Calendar INTRODUCTION This business plan workbook is intended for those who are interested in beekeeping as a means of providing income.

Business Counselor Small Business Development Center Southern Illinois University Carbondale Sue Kohler, Ph.

You’ll notice the cost of beekeeping equipment varies as there are copious options for many different supplies.

For example, do you want your hive woodenware to come painted or “raw”? In the end, when someone just wants to know the average start-up costs for a beginning beekeeper who is buying bees (in lieu of catching a swarm) I tell them to expect to pay approximately 0 for the first hive and roughly 0 for each additional hive. In Colorado, we have some excellent local options for buying bees and bee supplies.What other items would you add to the cost of beekeeping?Beekeeping Business Plan Workbook Produced by: Susan M. This includes those who are currently hobby beekeepers as well as those who do not yet keep bees, but wish to learn more about the business aspects of beekeeping.Of course, we can’t keep bees if we don’t actually HAVE bees!Acquiring bees isn’t quite as simple as a trip to the pet store, but it isn’t too complicated either. I’ll list them and the range of typical costs below: COST: FREE!If you have these options in your area I encourage you to take advantage of them.For some of us, the online shopping experience is the way to go.We tend to think of a beehive as a bunch of stacked boxes but it’s a bit more complicated than that.The most common hive setup, known as the Langstroth hive, consists of a bottom board, two deep boxes including frames and foundation, an inner cover, an outer cover, an entrance reducer, and some sort of stand.Would you like a simple veil or a full body bee suit? Most of the regional bee clubs procure large amounts of packages and nucs each spring to sell to their and we have some mid-to-large scale beekeepers around the state who sell packages and nucs from their bees (some of which were actually over-wintered locally and bred from local genetics).We are also fortunate to have a few well-stocked beekeeping supply stores throughout the state, some of which sell woodenware made in Colorado.


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