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454 words New developments in agriculture (short) New developments in agriculture include factory farming and the creation of new fruits and vegetables.Many people believe, however, that huge industrial farms and genetically modified plants are dangerous and that we need to go back to smaller, more natural farming. Like all sports, there is an element of danger involved however we have the freedom to decide whether or not to take part in it.

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Today, many sports are becoming increasingly regulated.

Boxing, rugby, soccer, and other games are being targeted by sports bodies and medical organizations in an effort to improve safety standards and to reduce injuries.

Boxing Should Not be Banned In recent years, there have been many campaigns to try and have boxing banned.

Those in favour of banning boxing argue that it is dangerous, potentially life threatening and generally unsafe.

All boxers obviously believe that the benefits of the ancient sport outweigh its negative side.

This is shown in their enthusiasm to take potentially high risks in order to gain the rewards of winning.

Sport therefore is not just a physical phenomenon, but a mental and social one.

Challenging sport provides a healthy, largely safe, physical outlet for aggression.

A marathon runner trying to improve his time, basketball players fiercely battling an opposing team, or a sky-diving team defying gravity – all are trying to push themselves to their maximum. People should be free to participate in activities with others as long as it does not affect the safety of non-participants.

There also should be limits to the power of governments to ban sports.


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