Background Of The Study In Research Proposal

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Remember that this list is speculative and many of these things may change after you finish with your research.

Make a list of significant words and phrases that are likely to appear in search databases.

Place your first stack in a section of your binder marked, “unused” but keep them in case you change your mind later.

Highlight important information in your second and third stack.

You are not required to come up with a new or original method (though you can try! Look journal articles to determine what methods are standardly used to assess knowledge of language in your chosen area and adapt one of these for your needs. Significance and Conclusion Discuss, in general, how your proposed research would lead to a significant improvement over the original studies, and how it would benefit the field. If you were applying for money to do this, why would someone fund you?

If you wanted to publish your results, why would they be interesting?

When writing research background, you also need to demonstrate how your research relates to what has been done so far in this research area.

Research background is written after the literature review.

Do additional searches with your list of significant words and phrases and collect sources that you may be able to use in your thesis.

This includes checking out books and making copies of significant academic articles.


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