Sure it is accurate, on the first shot, but frankly I feel that I rather would have used an smg so I would have had an hipfire/rof thing going for me.... And to clarify, why used a 600rpm weapon with sucky burst fire accuracy when you can use say a 780(?) with sucky burst fire accuracy but way more rpm, or a 300/360rpm semi that do way more damage on each hit or just go support and use a Ke7 to melt with?If you selected the auto-hide in combat option, they'll hide when you get into combat, but you can always bring them back up at any time by using the Toggle Display keybinding or other methods.

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If you've deleted a page, and later on someone else edits it or sends it, you'll get it back again.

The "Add Category" button allows you to add categories to store your pages in.

It may be easiest to configure this strip while you're actually in a raid and seeing assignments - although while solo, you can also use the edit window (use the "Toggle Window" button, "/aa window" command, or the keybinding if you set one for it), create a test page if necessary, then hit "Send and Display" to show a page to yourself for testing purposes.

During raids, whenever any change in assignments occurs, the new assignments will re-appear on your screen if you had hidden them (along with a noticeable visual indicator).

You can "Add", "Rename", and "Delete" pages via the buttons at the far bottom left.

When editing pages, you'll have several buttons of interest: If someone else saves edits to a particular page while you are editing that page, you'll receive a pop-up box notifying you of the fact.

Categories are completely local to you, for your own organizational convenience, and won't be visible to anyone else.

You could, as an example, create a "Hellfire Citadel" category then move all your Hellfire Citadel-related pages under that category.

The up/down arrow at the far left of the strip will determine whether the assignments text grows up or down from the strip location.

When you're done, click the lock on the strip and it will disappear.


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