As Media Studies Coursework Evaluation

I also changed the placement of some of the text features as in made things on my cover look more professional.

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The reason I changed this was because the magazine was looking a bit plain with the style I had it on before so I made it a bit more bold and popping’ Double page spread There were not too many main changes in the layout of my DPS.

Few this such as layout of columns, content in double page My target audience is the 16-29 age range.

These are other examples of a typical Hip-Hop contents page.

It normally has just one picture on the page then the contents down the side.

I looked at those magazine brands because they follow all the codes and conventions that are associated with Hip-Hop magazines.

As you can see, the main colours used for Hip-Hop magazines are black and red.

I also chose those magazines because they are successful and sell very well so to achieve very high sales there must be some strategy they use.

On these magazines , the model artists facial expression is always most of the time aggressive.

Also,tone and register would fall under the category of slang.



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