Art Morality Essay

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In the introduction, Vasil Gluchman stressed, that no ethical theories can be formulated which can be applied eternally.

Each age is characterized by its particular morality, and hence ethics must constantly adapt to existing realities.

History has shaped human conscience and thus, after the Holocaust, following the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, human conscience has been completely reshaped.

Thus conscience becomes a fundamental category of humanism, because it was shaped in interpersonal relations, and therefore morality must also be relational (p. Therefore, a person functioning in society becomes a moral being, and consequently the author answers the question of whether morality is innate, or is the result of the influence of society. It is difficult to agree with the author's premise that we are living in an age of moral relativism, which is a consequence of the dominance of ethical naturalism.

The second part of the book titled New Trends in Understanding Morality consists primarily of the author's attempts to explain the sources of morality formulated not only by ethics, but also by the biological sciences.

In this short presentation it is clear that both the scientific editor as well as the individual authors, did not set themselves the objective of writing another book on moral philosophy, but instead focused themselves on the key issues which determine the status and direction of contemporary research into morality.

This article is published with open access at This book, through its essays, captures this interdisciplinary nature of research into morality, treated both as a social fact, as well as man's individual disposition.

The Slovak philosopher and ethicist Vasil Gluchman, as the book's scientific editor, divided the book into two parts, the first, entitled Different Concepts of Morality presents, in accordance with its title, various and sometimes even controversial stances related to the understanding of key issues of morality.

The author tries to prove that only molded conscience allows us to establish and maintain social relationships.

The author carries out his reasoning using human rights as an example.


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